Letters for March 18, 2015

• A plan to ease traffic woes • Three angels exist on Kauai • Regina Carvalho would make a good mayor

A plan to ease traffic woes

After reading so much about the traffic problems in Kapaa, the need for more buses and bicycle access, I am convinced the county continues to ignore the long-term effects of traffic issues and uses a Band-Aid where major surgery is required. The point in question is moving traffic through Kapaa in both directions with less congestion.

Currently, there is only a two-way highway going through the major part of downtown Kapaa. There is also no possible way to widen Kuhio Highway because of existing businesses. Also, between Kapaa and Lihue, we all have to deal with the cones on Kuhio Highway.

I haven’t lived here very long, so some people might think my idea is ridiculous. But here goes anyway:

First of all, Kauai needs a four-lane highway between Kapaa and Lihue, the two most populous towns on the island. Kuhio Highway was widened from two lanes to three at one time, so why not add one more lane?

Second, why not make Kuhio Highway one way north through Kapaa and build a new one-way southbound highway to run parallel to it? You could start from the north end of town where the one-way cane haul road turns off near Hauaala Road. Connect that to Kahau Road at the north end of Kapaa Town Park. At the intersection of Kahau Road and Olehena, build a new road/highway running parallel to Kuhio Highway and behind all of the businesses in Kapaa. This road could be built all the way to the current bypass road near Coconut Market Place. There are already several streets that could be used to connect the two one-way streets so people could change direction with little difficulty.

This would not only provide more travel lanes, it would also eliminate crossing oncoming traffic to make a left turn on both roads and allow for increased on-street parking. It would be a win-win for businesses, tourists and residents alike.

I have lived in various cities on the Mainland and have seen how effective this has been, even in some smaller communities like Kapaa.

Of course it would be expensive, but it would solve a major traffic problem for many years to come.

People on Kauai love their cars and trucks. They are not going to give them up to ride a bus. A four-lane highway is slowly progressing from Lihue to the Poipu turn off. Why not do the same thing from Lihue and Kapaa?

Dave Stokley


Three angels exist on Kauai

We are antiques and broken here and there yet still try to get around, which is our joy.

On Monday, March 2, we had a very scary flat tire and three angels appeared, who showered us in the love that is Kauai and gave us the confidence to still try to get around.

Beverly, the night cashier at the Kukui Grove 76 gas station, is a sheer gift of kindness and information and went completely out of her way to assist in every way.

She recruited Tietan from Kekaha, of Royal Hawaiian Movers, who, without hesitation, eagerly took on all the manual tire changing stuff. And then came along Jose Bayani, the service parts manager at the new Kia dealership, who generously and skillfully viewed the damaged tire and offered to resolve the problem.

The love and time and attention that these angels extended to us while in dire need seemed to wipe away the horrible emotional stress of the situation and pain of the related physical exertion. Beverly, you are simply beautiful both inside and out. Tietan, you are a true man of strength and character. And Jose, the generosity of you and yours will never be forgotten. Unfortunately, the full nail clipper utensil removed from the tire which was a true offender seems not to have been accidental and we are on the search for more angels who may give us guidance and direction specifically about that.

Loukas and Koko Fytros


Regina Carvalho would make a good mayor

I enjoyed Sunday’s TGI article on Regina Carvalho. It was particularly interesting that she pointed out that women outnumber men in this country yet are underrepresented in the corporate world and in government leadership positions. Too bad we didn’t elect her mayor instead of her husband. If that had happened, perhaps there would be a fairer representation of women on county boards and commissions.

Go Regina!

Linda Estes



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