Letters for March 3, 2015

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More to the story on president’s actions

I’m writing in regards to Barry Christianson’s letter regarding Obama’s actions on delaying deportations for illegal immigrants being within rights afforded the president by our Constitution. While he may have a point about a president’s power to use discretion in prosecuting certain individuals, there is way more to the story. A president does not have the right to change a law, only Congress can, and his program for illegals to sign up for driver’s licenses and Social Security numbers is not OK.

The states that are suing President Obama claim that they will be harmed by the changes in the illegal changes in the law, which is also why the court ruled against Obama. The court case that Christianson says does not exist most certainly does. There most certainly has been a legal ruling on this matter recently and I was surprised that he was not aware of that ruling. That is why the processing of illegals has been halted.

Gayle Hughes


Larry Rivera makes trip unforgettable

Recently, my husband and I vacationed in Kauai. We had a wonderful time and enjoyed the hospitality, food, weather and beautiful scenery! We talk about returning one day. We had the good fortune to meet Mr. Larry Rivera and enjoy his music. We purchased one of his CDs and when we returned home, I sent him an email asking if I could purchase another CD. You may find this letter of interest. The following is a portion of the letter that I sent to him:

Dear Mr. Rivera,

I am emailing you from Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada.

My husband and I visited your beautiful island of Kauai last month. We had a wonderful time and we were fortunate to meet you at the Kauai Museum and enjoyed your performance.

I have to tell you the story about how we came to the museum and met you. My husband and I always believe that things happen for a reason. This was meant to be.

We had rented a car while we were staying in Kauai and were driving to Poipu on a Saturday morning. The traffic came to a complete stop and cars were lined up for miles (it turned out that there had been a car accident further up the highway).

We turned onto a side road and ended up coming into Lihue. We found the museum and came in. Christmas music was playing in the background. The woman singing (we found out she was your daughter) had the most beautiful voice.

We wanted to purchase the CD, but there were none available.

The woman at the museum told us that the father of the singer was going to be performing at the museum at 1 p.m. and maybe he would bring a copy of the Christmas CD with him and we could purchase it then.

Well, we got to meet you! We got to buy your CD and your daughter came with a copy of her Christmas CD!

I have to say that this was one of the highlights of our vacation. And if there hadn’t been a traffic jam, we would not have met you! You are so entertaining and you made me laugh!

Now, when we listen to these CDs, it brings back wonderful memories of our vacation!

I know that we will return to Kauai again one day. The scenery is amazing! I can understand how the island inspired you to write such beautiful songs!

Cheryl Tanaka

Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada

Ways to live and stay healthy

I would love to share my project regarding health issues. In order to live longer, to a predictable age of 100, we must learn to live prosperous and have a healthy lifestyle.

This can cure cancer if you made the right choices ahead in life. The three things that I have discussed are to not smoke different stuff, eat wise and exercise.

I wish everyone did not smoke and do new drugs at this time because it is indeed an inadequate living status. Smoking may be good to some people, due to “pain killas” and relieve headaches, but it is not good for others inhaling the smoke. This will also damage your lungs, so think about smoking.

I love to share with younger kids to do the right choices in life. Children and kids, please eat healthy, candies are OK to eat, but don’t eat too much. Produce products are much better to eat, although it’s expensive, you can make it cheaper by having a garden in your backyard. Eating healthy is awesome, guys.

Everyone needs exercise. Exercising is a great thing to do. Due to health conditions, it will make your body super strong and well-fit. Obesity has been an issue that creates health conditions such as: diabetes, high blood pressure, depression, anxiety and poor performance.

Exercising is super fun. Seriously, this will make your life healthy and prevent cancer. Lastly, don’t drink too much soda, instead drink teas and water. Have a good one everyone!

Shelbi-Ahlan Shimazu



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