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Letters for Feb. 28, 2015

• Who are the real terrorists? • Perhaps a dairy is not end goal • Protecting our aina in poem

Who are the real terrorists?

Terrorism. Excellent column, Bryon York. How to define a terrorist? Anyone can be labeled a terrorist.

What does he or she look like? One of the problems I see is the reticence to use a religious term. We have religious terrorists. Here and abroad. We have political terrorists here and abroad. We have homegrown terrorists. I think of the KKK as a Christian organization. Germany was a Christian nation. Italy, too.

I think the answer for the religious terrorist confusion is to have those who are religious — but not religious terrorists — to recognize and define their own. I think most Christians are in denial we have any.

A response might be, “Reverend Jones, an Episcopalian minister, despairs about terrorists who belong to ‘Christian churches and organizations and use their beliefs, their God, to allow them to murder doctors who perform abortions or hang black people because they are not white.”

Let’s be honest.

Bettejo Dux


Perhaps a dairy is not end goal

Thirty years ago our family was invited to a tour of the Koloa Mill by the manager John Hoxey. We met John at the mill offices. On the wall was a map of the entire area. The map showed all the area under cultivation for sugar from Koloa to Mahaulepu and the amount of rain that each section had annually. What was really interesting was all the roads that were on the map. Mr. Hoxey explained that it was Grove Farm’s 50-year plan for development of Mahaulepu. The map was about 10 to 15 years old at that time.

Now why would a man (Pierre Omidyar), who is a developer of high-end resorts, Hanalai Plantation Resort, want a dairy? Is the long-term goal really a dairy?

Kathie Bedwell


Protecting our aina in poem

Holy cows

What are they thinking?

To be the cause

of Poipu’s stinking.

And when it really rains

Will the ocean be as pure?

For there may be some runoff

With the urine and the manure.

I can think of many good projects,

If you’re a billionaire

Why would you want to take a chance

On polluting Kauai’s air?

Singer Joni Mitchell

Would say it clear and loud

That the idea of a huge dairy farm

Would not make her very proud.

Kauai is a paradise

Made with God’s hands

Why would anybody

Want to change His plans?

If you follow your conscience

And listen to your heart

I would like to think

this project would never start

People who love this island

Would gladly not complain,

If the price of milk goes up

But the beauty remains the same.

I am really having trouble

Finishing off this letter.

But if you stop the project

We will all feel better.

There is no way we can tell you,

Just what you can do,

But if you were to change your mind,

We will all thank you.

Earle MacDonald



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