Letters for Feb. 23, 2015

• Find out why other dairies failed • Do many Americans know just who the real ‘terrorists’ are?  • Other polluters threaten health

Find out why other dairies failed

Is there any relevant information as to why previous dairy establishments on the island of Kauai did not survive? Why did the one between Waimea and Kekaha close down? And are there ground contamination problems that still exist? Ditto for the one out at Moloaa?

Shouldn’t these bits of information be researched to bring the current proposal to a level of shared concerns we all should have about whether the finite resources of our island are being compromised?

Public officials, media outlets, along with proponents and opponents of the dairy farm proposal, should be focusing on presenting these relevant pieces of information to the public at large.

We can’t have it both ways, but we need to know what we’re dealing with by getting the documented evidence well-presented for all to weigh and consider.

Jose Bulatao Jr.


Do many Americans know just who the real ‘terrorists’ are?

Having read Walter Lewis’ column, “U.S. must lead fight against terrorists” on Feb. 20, I felt I had to respond. Seems Mr. Lewis can’t really pinpoint who the terrorists are. I’m reminded about a poker game I once attended. I was told by a professional to look around the table and if you don’t see who the loser is, it’s probably you. The same situation applies here.

They way I remember it was, we invaded Iraq for no reason. Killing hundreds of thousands of people and many of our own men, only to control their resources. Did we expect them not to fight back? So we invade a country, with our huge inventory of weapons of mass destruction, and when they resist we call them the terrorists.

Then we arm the rebels to invade and help topple the Syria government, only to turn around and come back to Iraq with our weapons and start ISIS and now engage in a campaign to re-take their land. But this is what our government does well: starts wars for no reason and then supplies both sides with weapons. Very profitable.

I just watched a movie on YouTube called “JFK to 9/11: Everything is a Rich Man’s Trick.” Wow, what an eye-opener. Every American should see this movie and maybe we could stop the war-mongering madness that could lead us to the un-thinkable WWIII.

Mr. Lewis also alludes to the fact that these terrorists killed over 3,000 of our citizens on 9/11. I’m not so sure. There are over 2,200 architects and engineers and 20,000 New Yorkers that think a new investigation about what really happened on 9/11 should be done. If you goggle RETHINK911.org and watch some of the reports, especially about Building 7, one can only become more curious and cautious about where to point the finger.

So I advise Mr. Lewis to turn off Fox News and watch the movies I noted and see if he changes his perception. I know Mr. Lewis and agree with many of his reports about Kauai but his article about terrorists should be carefully examined by anyone who read it.

Paul Lucas


Other polluters threaten health

Maybe Mr. Hooser should direct his fireplace and chimney efforts to sources of health hazards that affect more than just a handful of people.

The cruise ships burn toxic bunker C fuel oil 24/7 while they are docked at Nawiliwili, and the constant plume affects hundreds of residents downwind.

Several years ago, the county challenged the cruise lines to burn cleaner fuel and had dire cancer and respiratory reports to back up their requests. But the cruise ships said they would just not stop at Kauai, so tourists spending a few dollars trumped health and safety.

The dozens of tour helicopters flying all over the island 10 hours a day, seven days a week, spew exhaust pollutants and toxic particles everywhere they fly. And the noise pollution is annoying with plenty of research warning how unhealthy these helicopters are. But, of course, they provide big GET and tourist bucks, so no county, state or even FAA regulation or oversight.

Letters of complaint to the mayor and county go unanswered.

Mr. Hooser, and the county, seem to have avoided these polluters that can surely fight back, and instead, focused on fireplaces and smoked meat. All the fireplaces and smoked meat folks can do is vote.

Bob Polli



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