Letters for Feb. 16, 2015

• Help of stranger appreciated • Care for planet, people  • Mahalo for returning wallet

Help of stranger appreciated

On Thursday morning, Feb. 5, I fell in front of the Lihue Post Office while trying to get something from the back of my friend Mary’s car. I just lost my balance, but fortunately there was a gentleman who picked me up right away and helped me get back on my feet.

I was so thankful, yet I failed to thank the gentleman adequately and never got his name. I walk with a cane and lose my balance and fall easily, and once I fall, I can’t get myself up. It’s frustrating.

Mary, my friend, was there right away to help me, too, and I’m very thankful, but sorry I didn’t even get to thank the kind stranger who helped me up. I’m hoping he’ll read this and know how much I appreciated his help.

J. Yukimura


Care for planet, people

I enjoyed Bettyjo’s piece about the nonsensical debt. Yes, it’s the biggest Ponzi scheme of all time, these central bankers loaning money to people and governments … with interest! They create the money out of thin air and type the numbers into computers. And what do we get? A national debt of $17 trillion? Add the other countries around the world, $100 trillion?!

Who are we kidding? The Monopoly game is over.

The realization here is: Money is no longer necessary thanks to our 21st century automation technology. We can produce the things people need with very little human labor. Our production facilities are nearing zero marginal costa territory right now.

And with 3-D printers, production becomes local. It’s a “bottom-up” approach, where each community decides what they need, and they have access to it. Easy to do with this technology.

There are many organizations advocating this resource-based economic model, like the Venus Project, the Zeitgeist Movement, Ubuntu-Contribution-ism, and more. It’s a system based on collaboration, not competition. Access, not ownership. Efficiency and sustainability, not consumption and waste.

Check them out online, along with a YouTube video I put together which explains this train of thought: “Money In The Future: Resource Based Economy.” And another, “Eulogy: The Death Of Monsanto.”

This is where we have to go if we want to take care of our planet and our people. And we’d better get a move on.

Steve Saylor


Mahalo for returning wallet

Mahalo and aloha to the kind and sharp-eyed gentleman who found my wallet on the floor of the Kukui Grove Cinema last Saturday, and patiently waited for me to emerge from the restroom so that he could return it.

May God bless you for your honesty and grace.

H.M. Wyeth



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