Lessons to learn from ‘The Emperor’s New Clothes’

Hans Christian Anderson wrote a story called “The Emperor’s New Clothes.” Please listen closely Jeff Stone. The emperor was rich, very clothes conscious and was approached by two residents of his kingdom who presented themselves as master tailors who would make a garment so beautiful that all of the kingdom would praise his fine taste in clothes. 

They told the king that anyone who would not appreciate this garment were fools and not fit to hold a position of power in his regime. The men pretended to weave a fine garment and persuaded the king to buy the finest silk and materials available. They pretended to fit the king with his new garment, but in reality it was nothing at all and all the fine materials were packed away.

The close members of the king’s cabinet all praised the garment for fear of losing their jobs, and the king prepared for a parade to show all the townspeople his new clothes. The king was out of touch with reality. A small child pointed at the king during the parade and said, “The king is naked.” All the townspeople then pointed and laughed at the king.

Two weeks ago, Jeff Stone was staying at the St. Regis Hotel. He had a fine time and prepared to take his Chinese billionaire partners on a tour in his magnificent limo. He felt he was the king and could do no wrong.

As his limo hit the major bumps in the part of the road that he still owns, he was met by a large number of residents carrying signs protesting his lack of maintenance of the roads still owned by him in the community. 

Rory Enright, manager of the Princeville Community Center, shouted, “Why won’t you fix the roads?” 

Jeff Stone turned to his Chinese partners and told them that he was willing to turn over the roads, but Princeville residents won’t fix them. Jeff Stone turned a blind eye to the residents’ complaints even though he made millions selling the Princeville Hotel, Princeville Shopping Center and other parts of Princeville.

These roads belong to you, Jeff Stone, and should be kept in good condition. The roads owned by Princeville were fixed in the past few years and they lead to the St. Regis Hotel (the hotel you made millions selling).

Like the emperor of olden times, Jeff Stone is rich, made a lot of money on deals selling off parts of Princeville, and is so out of touch that he shamed the people of Princeville by calling them all millionaires and telling them to fix their own roads. 

Shame on you Jeff Stone for not answering a number of letters from The Princeville Community Association over the last few years. The residents of Princeville are not all millionaires, but comprised of many retired people living on Social Security, hard working carpenters, salespersons, florists, plumbers, etc. 

You must have read the letters sent to you, know you have made large profits from selling off parts of Princeville, but you still ignore the residents of Princeville. I assure you this is wrong. It doesn’t take a small child yelling fix the roads as your limo leaves Princeville for you to realize that your plans to make more money from the community by selling off the Prince Golf Course lots may be in jeopardy if your Chinese billionaire partners read the letters in The Garden Island and you continue to ignore this situation.

Please do not wait until a serious injury occurs on your roads to fix them. Do not wait for a lawsuit, which is sure to come. Even though you were not naked as your limo drove over the bumps in your road, the townspeople all pointed at you and the comments were not nice as they all tried to get your attention.

Richard L. Turner is a resident of Princeville.


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