Bell Curve – white mice – government decision makers

The bell curve is a result of life, a life curve caused by results of life. We can possibly say, a God created life.

In my genetics class at UH Manoa in 1962, our professor discussed an experiment with white mice reported in 1942 that tested the results of selective breeding impact on behavior and intelligence using a maze conducted by Robert Tyron, Ph.D from the University of California Berkley.

My professor explained that the first generation of this experiment begins with 50 male and 50 female mice identified with an ear marker. Fifty males were entered into the maze, one at a time and timed to complete the maze. The five mice with bright times and five mice with dull times were selected among the males, identified, and placed into separate holding areas.

Then 50 females were next entered into the maze and timed one at a time to complete the maze. The five mice with bright times and five mice with dull times among the female mice were identified and placed into separate holding areas.

The five bright males were mated with the five bright females and the same done with the five dull male and female mice. The mice were kept separated by the bright and dull times, and the second generation identified similar to the first generation and the time process repeated.

The same procedure was followed from the first to the seventh generation.

For each generation, 50 male and 50 female white mice were timed and results recorded, developing a bell curve for each generation. The first generation resulted in a single bell curve. The results from each succeeding generation developed a separation of the bell curve, eventually ending with two distinctly separate bells by the seventh generation. One bell curve graph, all faster than the first generation, and one bell curve graph was all slower than the first.

What does this white mice experiment suggest? In a human world, it is possible that male college graduates marry female college graduates and in six generations have families of college graduates. Or, more devastating, over six generations, we have two groups of Americans, as many politicians advocate through government policy. We have completed three generations to date. Something to truly sit and think about.


James Kuroiwa is a resident of Kaneohe, a member of the class of 1960 Kauai High School, born in Kipu, Kauai, who grew up in Puhi.


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