Letters for Jan. 28, 2015

• Work together to fix road • Bill 2573 needs to be reworked • Resort Group should make road repairs

Work together to fix road

I can’t help but wonder if it might be possible for those concerned about the condition of the road (wherever that might be) to get together in the same room to weigh and consider the range of possibilities about what can be done to make things better? It might help, also, to explore ways in which collaborative efforts might be possible!

Where’s the aloha? Should that be a part of the process as well?

Jose Bulatao, Jr.


Bill 2573 needs to be reworked

To BBQ or not to BBQ, that is the question.

The slings and arrows of outrageous laws can bring a regular citizen to question his sanity and perhaps the sanity of our county leaders. Bill 2573, as proposed, has such a broad scope of interpretation that our police, prosecutor and courts will be overwhelmed. Neighbors and the public will have their noses in the air trying to sniff out culprits.

Who knows whose nose is the right nose?

If the intent of this all encompassing bill is for a specific event, perhaps the bill should be burnt and re-submitted with more specificity. I trust in our legislative process and hopefully the council can smoke out the details.

Bill 2573 brings a whole new perspective to a citizen’s reasonable expectation of privacy.

“A rose by any other name would smell as sweet” unless you don’t like your neighbor’s roses and then you must call the cops.

Ed MacDowell


Resort Group should make road repairs

“I find it unconscionable that Jeff Stone and his company, The Resort Group, who own this intersection, have announced that they intend to invest $500 million in a new project with its boundaries just 100 yards away, yet have refused to address the absolutely deplorable conditions of this intersection, which is so critical to the residents and visitors alike in Princeville.

The Resort Group website states that Jeff is a visionary. Well, it certainly doesn’t even take 20/20 vision to see that we have a real public safety issue on our hands with this stretch of road that is considered a dangerous and hazardous crossing by those who use it. Because this intersection makes up part of the main road coming from the grand entrance to and from all of the Princeville development, including the St. Regis Hotel and the Westin property, people have now considered it to be much safer to take an alternate route and drive through the local neighborhood. Roads that were built for light traffic now have witnessed an increase of cars and trucks, which they were not intended to handle.

It seems a little short-sighted on Mr. Stone’s part, and by way of his new investors, to ignore this problem. As his interest in the St. Regis increases as the only hotel on the North Shore to handle his potential buyers of his new project, it would seem from a self-serving position that he would want to ensure the road was safe and free from danger. Considering all the cars that continually “bottom out” and the resulting damage while driving through this stretch of road, it would not be surprising if the car rental companies forbid the visitors to drive into Princeville as they do now at Polihale on the Westside.

I find it hard to believe that Mr. Stone’s insurance carrier is aware of the exposure that this intersection presents as cars drop into the potholes and the front bumpers dive into the speed bump. It is unfortunate that it will probably take a serious accident with critical injuries on an unsuspecting driver and passengers for action to be taken. Telephone calls and correspondence both to his main office on Oahu and to his local representative(s) have gone unanswered.

Gregg B. Kravitz



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