Letters for Saturday, January 24, 2015

• Bottom line, respect Earth • Some companies can’t be trusted • More government not needed

Bottom line, respect Earth

I am becoming more and more disappointed with the phony cultural wars that are making their way onto these pages and elsewhere. It is an age old strategy of divide and conquer. 

Just get us all arguing about our rights to smoke meat, drink fresh milk, gluten, etc. and maybe we will quit worrying about the chemical companies and their toxic stew being stirred up on the Westside, or the un-natural disaster on the horizon in Mahaulepu. We need to remember that despite our different lifestyles, we all drink the same water, we all breathe the same air, and we all live on the same land. We all live on one planet. Let’s respect it. 

Allan White, Hanapepe

Some companies can’t be trusted

In response to “Kauai shouldn’t fear anything new.”

Mr. Siegfried Streufert implies that GMO companies are not to be feared and advises us not to be concerned of new technology “advances.”

The companies behind GMOs and more specifically behind the chemicals and poisons that the GM plants are being manipulated to withstand and are being tested in Hawaii, are not new. These are international polluters who have committed corporate crimes all over the world and wherever they have set foot they have left environmental and health destruction behind. 

For example, Monsanto has been around for over a century and is responsible, amongst other things, for Agent Orange, heart-disease causing trans fats and infesting our planet with terrible poisons like glyphosate. Agent Orange is still causing nightmarish birth defects in Vietnam, deadly health conditions on veterans exposed to it and very serious health issues on their descendants. And now, GMO companies are recycling Agent Orange ingredients and putting them in our food. 

Monsanto is also responsible for BST or rBGH marketed as Posilac, which is a genetically engineered hormone designed to make cows produce more. This is just one of the “good neighbors.” Why would we trust corporate criminals who have caused environmental disasters wherever they have set foot? 

Joanna Wheeler, Kapaa

More government not needed

Councilmember Gary Hooser has introduced Bill 2573, which would effectively ban any use of wood or charcoal barbecues or meat smokers. It would also ban using any spray paint for small home projects, pesticides, weed poisons, cigarette smoking in your own home, kicking up any dust or debris while mowing your yard, drilling or cutting concrete that may produce a dust, cement making projects that may cause cement powder to blow in a breeze and many other simple, common practices we enjoy and need for every day existence. 

I’m sure reading this, Gary would try to downplay these claims, but go read the bill and tell me how any of these don’t apply? If you care about keeping our way of life, please show up at the next public hearing to help shut Gary Hooser down. It will be held at 1:30 p.m. Wednesday, Feb. 11 at the County Council chambers. Gary Hooser says we don’t need to use charcoal or wood. That we can use gas. But he can’t tell us how one would go about making a gas imu or gas smoker? We don’t need overbearing government intruding into every minute aspect of our lives. Get involved or we lose, people! And think, “No Hooser” come next election.

Mike Broyles, Lawai


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