Letters for Friday, January 23, 2015

• Don’t confuse fear with common sense • That’s a lot of cows doing their business

Don’t confuse fear with common sense

Scared, Seigfried? No. It’s just many of us have good sense. For the county — or GMO farmers — to use a toxic spray that kills the bees is beyond stupid. It’s insane. Imagine, a world without bees to pollinate.

We have egg factories, pig factories, beef factories, milk factories, where the animals never see the sun, live in such a cramped, sick environment only multiple use of drugs keep them alive. The food they produce for human consumption isn’t fit to eat.

Thank goodness we do not fluoridate our water supply.

Pill pushers? Come on doctor, every time we take a drug, we weaken our immune system. There are times — but they are few and far between — when a drug can save a life but those of us who have good sense, and have nurtured and tended our own good health, quite often manage to avoid them. You’d be surprised.

And you can’t intimidate me, Seigfried, just because you have a couple letters in front of your name.

Further, if I were you, I’d be careful about bringing up the past. A list a mile long of medical nonsense — historical horrors — and “pseudo” science mistakes, could fill this page. Don’t tempt me.

We need to grow food for health instead of wealth. Produce milk children can drink. We need to restore the health of the soil, diversify and create jobs for people instead of a few mindless puppets, who dance for a dollar when someone with too many of them pulls the strings.

Bettejo Dux, Kalaheo

That’s a lot of cows doing their business

Did anyone miss this? It was stated that one dairy cow produces the waste equivalent to 20 to 40 humans. The projected final number of cows will be 2,000. Say an average of 30 times 2,000 comes out to the waste equivalent of 60,000 humans, give or take a few. What is the population on Kauai? Imagine if all the island was forced to do its business on just 600 acres. And with no treatment facilities. 

Chip Nelson, Asheboro, North Carolina


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