Letters for Dec. 16, 2014

• No one was choked to death • Thank you for returning watch • Road changes will improve safety • Stick to facts with HDF

No one was choked to death

Two of my sons enjoy free diving off Kauai. During one long and deep dive, one son passed out. My other son pulled him to the surface and pulled his head up. He started breathing again. They assured me that this is not unusual for free diving and something they are ready to handle.

When I heard that someone had died from a police officer chokehold, I found it hard to believe. A healthy person can go a while without breathing and even pass out, without dying. I looked at the video and noticed that Daniel Pantaleo had his arms around Eric Garner’s neck only briefly to take him to the ground. Later, when Garner was saying that he couldn’t breathe, Pantaleo did not have his arm around his neck.

He was just holding him down with one hand. Of course, the fact that Garner was able to voice his complaints shows that his airway was open.

Garner was in such bad health that the struggle with the police after he resisted arrest caused a heart attack.

Garner appears to be a gentle giant. But he was in the habit of selling tax-free cigarettes illegally. He also resisted arrest.

I think the officers were overly aggressive in that situation. Worse yet, they failed to administered CPR quickly to save his life. For this, they were taken off the streets.

But they did not choke Garner to death. I think the jury made the correct decision.

Mark Beeksma


Thank you for returning watch

I would like to thank the Good Samaritan who found my watch last week on the premises of Tip Top and turned it into the cashier. I would also like to thank the staff at Tip Top for passing the watch along to me. The watch was a gift and had a lot of sentimental value. I could not tell you in person but mahalo nui loa for your act of kindness.

Nadine Nakamura


Road changes will improve safety

On both Kuhio and Kaumualii highways, the reflector rumble warning bumps are set on the middle line that divide the lanes. And recently installed rumble reflectors are on both sides of the center line.

This is either too close to the line or too late for warning from crossing into the other lane. By then one would have already crossed over and could cause a head-on accident. On both sides of the center dividing lines, the reflectors should be placed further right, about one foot.

With our highways being so dark at night to drive on, these small changes can help prevent drivers much earlier from crossing over to the other lane.

Howard Tolbe


Stick to facts with HDF

The HDF proposal is full of assertions with statements that are not data but conclusions, unsupported by lack of evidentiary or scientific support.

The claimed five years of study could truly have been accomplished by high school students in one semester or less. In 2013, they were looking at another property in Kauai. Their New Zealand adviser Doyle Fairweather told them they needed 1,000 acres for 1,000 dairy cows. So much for following advice.

When an agricultural crop is to be the literal base line of a $17 million dollar farming operation they — as late as March of this year, after submitting their first proposal — did not know the soil type of the Mahaulepu acreage. That basic lack of due diligence is extreme and replete through out their proposal. An itemized/data based explanation of their unsubstantiated suppositions/failures, “typos,” misrepresentations, and factual disregard is as large as their proposal and offers evidence that clearly confronts these errors.

They likely didn’t “volunteer” for an EIS, but were told “EIS or the road.” Now, it will be as it should have always been — objective, tangible, data based, facts — under that evaluative process they will lose.

Ronald John

Sacramento, Calif.


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