More dialogue on Hawaiian’s future

I thank Mr. Kuroiwa for his letter responding to my letter and his best wishes for a positive Thanksgiving. It was fantastic.

As to your responses: Yes, we are the “state of Hawaii; albeit a plantation state. Titles may have changed but not practices of behavior and power; such as “done deals.” Local residents are overwhelmingly the last to know of changes.

I agree the United Nation can continue to “opine” the same way they “opined” about Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and, most recently, the Crimean and the Ukraine in trying to avoid another overthrow. I think U.N. recognition has some merit.

Do you condone the World War I, World War II, Korea, Vietnam attempted overthrows? I disagree that president Obama is “not subject related.” In a previous letter, I asked the question why Obama is more sympathetic toward illegal aliens crossing our borders for a new life than legal Hawaiian citizens who are being restrained from the hope of restoring some, just some, of their old previous cultural heritage; like aloha for one example. Why Kahoolawe? We have to start somewhere!

Thank you for identifying the proper court concerning the Apology Resolution and its ceremonial nature. Problem is that even the Supreme Court is politicized and may be the point of error. If President Obama can mandate and create laws, which is against the Constitution, why shouldn’t the Supreme Court be able to decide any which way they wish to decide: maybe just flip a coin?

Yes, “Hawaii’s ceded lands continue to belong to the state of Hawaii …” but that does not make it right; please face it, nothing belongs to “its citizens.” In a plantation mentality, everything belongs to the plantation: If they spend too much money, just raise the rent or, in reality, the taxes! Do not consider cutting cost. As for your last issue: “John, we Americans are the most qualified to manage Hawaii and the Island of Kahoolawe.”

Have you looked at the present state of our entire nation? It is on its head, in turmoil because of Democrats and Republicans. Politicians have failed the American public and a vast portion of the American public has failed themselves and their children. Just look to Hawaii’s DOE educational failure for our children; the DOH’s failure in resorting to catering to special interest; the fraud, corruption and incompetence we tolerate in government; the high cost of living in Hawaii; shortages in affordable housing; just about every category relating to the plantation lifestyle. And look at voting percentages; if you don’t vote, you are voting for the status quo; sending a message that incumbents are doing just fine. I cannot believe you honestly think “nothing was stolen.” A whole culture was stolen by successful and wealthy business folks; just like today’s billionaires.

Who would it hurt to give our “host culture” just a tiny bit of their past back to them? It’s a small, unpopulated island. Why not give it to them and see what they can accomplish in bringing it back to life? Perhaps politicians are afraid they may succeed in their task; or the government may have plans to sell the island to another billionaire. Then they could tax it. Give the Hawaiians Kahoolawe, if they want it. Maybe they can save aloha?


John Hoff is a resident of Lawai.


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