Letters for Nov. 26, 2014

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Kauai must stop growth of big businesses

Aloha, I am writing with regard to the beautiful Hawaiian islands and the people who have welcomed me over the past 24 years. I am saddened to see the major chains taking over Kauai as well as the other islands. What will be the draw to Hawaii if it is exactly like the Mainland? You were blessed with such a beautiful gift to share. The focus, in my opinion, should be to stop growth that changes your amazing culture. The Coconut Marketplace on Kauai was a fabulous place to shop, eat local favorites and enjoy the people of Kauai until Walmart showed up and ran local business owners out. Please stand together as a community before it is too late. The traffic on Oahu is intolerable and I have no desire to return there again.

You have stood together in the past when you stopped the Superferry. You can do it again. I love Kauai and you have my support. Mahalo

Candi Crandall

Modesto, California

More points on Hawaiian history

Response to Mr. J. Kuroiwa, Jt, Honolulu (TGI, Nov. 13):

First, I admit to my ignorance of a large part of Hawaiian history. Legally, the “overthrow” of the Hawaiian Kingdom was an illegal act. Two presidents agreed with this; Presidents Cleveland and Clinton.

Secondly, “Global” acceptance of this historic theft has been rebuked by the United Nations.

Thirdly, when has President Obama (PBHO) ever been concerned over what is legal or not legal? Is it legal for PBHO to allow American citizens to be spied upon by government agencies; subjected citizens to IRS discrimination (nonprofit groups); to deny freedom of choice to individuals or families to choose a doctor or health plan of their liking; to lie about national security issues purely for “politics and campaign” reasons which cost four lives and still threatens the lives of our men and women in our Armed Forces? (This grandpa has one grandson who served in Iraq and a granddaughter and her husband now serving in Afghanistan. Will PBHO’s kids serve in the military?)

Fourthly, what “court decided” that the “Apology Resolution” was wrong?

Fifthly, “ceded lands of the Hawaii Islands belong to the state of Hawaii and its citizens” … to be used for the benefit of Hawaiians. Kahoolawe is an island given to the “xtate” by the Navy in the form of a “reserve” to be restored and used “only for native Hawaiian cultural, spiritual and subsistence purposes.”

Who, Mr. Kuroiwa, do you think would be the most qualified people to restore Kahoolawe along those lines: Japanese, haoles, Portuguese, Filipinos, etc? I say Hawaiians! Give them Kahoolawe, along with other valuable assets, trust and lands, that were stolen from them. Allow them revenue-generating assets to help restore their kingdom. Forget the legalities: PBHO does. Are you afraid the Hawaiians will do a better job than our local politicians?

John Hoff


Aunties told the truth

Howard Tolbe’s letter (“Soil has long had chemicals in it,” TGI Nov. 25) reminded me of an amusing (at least to me) incident at a roadside stand in Koloa a few years back.

I had just purchased produce from two aunties when a tourist asked if it was organic. Yes, aunty number one replied — they did not use any chemicals in their garden. To offer further reassurance, aunty number two said they did not need to use chemicals as the sugar company had put so much stuff into the soil that to the present day no pest could possibly survive.

I continue to buy produce at the local markets but can’t help but chuckle when it is claimed to be “organic.”

Robin Clark



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