Letters for Thursday, November 13, 2014

• Executive Order by Obama would be illegal • On GMOs and future development

Executive Order by Obama would be illegal

Responding to the letter from Mr. John Hoff, who has failed to understand the legal and true Hawaiian history. Mr. Hoff’s suggestion for President Obama to sign an executive order establishing a (racial) Native Hawaiian Kingdom is illegal and unconstitutional. 

The U.S. Supreme Court has recognized the Newlands Resolution, the Hawaii Organic Act and the Admissions Act as federal laws. 

The court decided on March 31, 2009, that the 37 whereas clauses of the Apology Resolution did not have standing and is “wrong.” The court also ruled that, “The Apology Resolution did not strip Hawaii of its sovereign authority to alienate the lands the United States held in absolute fee and granted to the state upon its admission to the union.”

The ceded lands of the Hawaii Islands belong to the state of Hawaii and its citizens.

The Kingdom of Hawaii was dissolved by the Provisional Government of the Hawaii Islands with the removal of the queen and her cabinet on Jan. 17, 1893. The provisional government called a constitutional convention that provided a constitution establishing the Republic of Hawaii on July 4, 1894. The Republic presented the 1897 Treaty of Annexation to President McKinley, who signed the treaty and Congress followed by presenting and approving the Newlands Resolution on July 7, 1898, annexing Hawaii Islands. 

James Kuroiwa, Jr., Honolulu

On GMOs and future development

I just want to get a clarification by the anti-GMOs. Is bio-technology GMO, or is GMO just a part of bio-technology? Would they be against some bio-technology project that results in plant-based products as sturdy as some petrol-based materials so as building materials — once its “life” is over, the material is bio-degradable or can be burned for power production?  

I just saw a Japanese TV program about such a development being done there. Wouldn’t a company like that be a great one for using the fallow lands here, maybe even change the “weeds” into usable end products through those non-GMO techniques?

I still think the county, if not the state, should look more to Japan for some ideas and technology/innovations. Island state and island nation — similar conditions — except no frigid winters.

Masa Shirai, Lihue


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