Letters for Nov. 10, 2014

• Column must have struck a nerve • Many who live on Westside are just fine • Executive Order coming for Hawaiians?

Column must have struck a nerve

I read Walter Lewis’ “A Better Kauai” articles all the time.

As a neutral observer, he tries to protect the people. His Oct. 24 article reminded us that our 2006 charter amendment to limit the service of our councilmembers was broadly supported by our voters and its purpose was to enable new ideas and fresh perspectives.

A minor segment of his article mentioned JoAnn Yukimura, who has served Kauai elective offices for 26 years, as being illustrative of the concern many of us have about career politicians.

When first elected, they seek to control governmental costs, but when they are long-term incumbents, they tend to become advocates of government spending.

Mr. Lewis writings must have struck a nerve because Ms. Yukimura, ever the politician, sought and was permitted by our paper to write a response. Her Oct. 29 article was never really a response as it did not address the points in Mr. Lewis’ article.

Instead, she devoted most of her remarks to trying to extol her performance. And she could not resist making personal remarks.

Joe Rosa


Many who live on Westside are just fine

Harmony Harwell (TGI, Nov. 9), you tell Mr. Shirai to “spend a year in Waimea,” yet your letter doesn’t hold water because you live in Koloa. How can you have prove your point?

As a child, I lived chasing mosquito control trucks, lived where sugar was sprayed with chemicals and fertilizer, and chewed on the cane stock to get to the sugar.

For many years, I and many others who lived on the Westside are all well and continue to tell our story to you and all the anti-GMO people.

Some of these organic ag farmers are hypocrites because they go out to buy fertilizers at a fertilizer company here on Kauai.

Howard Tolbe


Executive Order coming for Hawaiians?

Prior to “Executive Orders” being initiated involving amnesty for illegal aliens flooding across America’s southern borders, how about President Barack Hussein Obama II (PBHO II) granting an “Executive Order” for legal Hawaiian Kingdom citizens living here in Hawaii? How about support for the state of his alleged birth, where he was raised, educated and loves to visit?

President Clinton signed an “Apology Resolution” back in 1993; the U.S. Navy transferred jurisdiction of Kahoolawe Island to the State of Hawaii; and the state Legislature established the Kahoolawe Island Reserve to restore the island limiting its usage “only for native Hawaiian cultural, spiritual and subsistence purposes.”

How about the Democratic party and PBHO II getting together and giving Kahoolawe to the Hawaii Sovereignty movement? Give them a free hand at restoring the Kingdom of Hawaii and Kahoolawe for their own use, with their own resources?

Placing Ceded lands and other deserved trust into their hands will help finance these endeavors along with other revenue generating sources available. Will PBHO II and this Democrat-monopolized state work as hard for legal Hawaiians as they do for Mainland illegal aliens?

John Hoff



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