Letters for Wednesday, November 5, 2014

• Better uses for military, police • Advice on administering a spanking • Why I voted for Chock

Better uses for military, police

Now that the lava is crossing Pahoa, and we are under martial law, we desperately need county council/mayor’s office on the southeast side of the flow. Where will the new county offices be if and when the conditions force moving from the current location? I would like it known that we residents of the cut off section of lower Puna are very aware of our inalienable rights as human beings and do not take lightly to this test “occupation” at all. 

It would be prudent to focus all this military might in the vacant neighborhoods where the looting/squatting/pillaging and the attendant crack/meth houses are operating in their normal, full openness instead of the usual financial extortion of us poor citizens by the continuing seat belt/registration/safety checkpoints, wasting our valuable police resources, and ticketing of persons trying to see the lava.

At this time, I would like you to urge the police and National Guard on duty to continue to act friendly toward the local residents and realize that laws aimed at keeping people safe from a lava flow moving a few feet an hour, instead of allowing walk up access on paved county roads leading directly to the flow, will only lead people who have come from all over the world, and local residents alike, to risk their lives and the lives of potential rescuers, all for some weird, Homeland security power trip over Pele and Puna that’s happening now.

Sara Steiner, Pahoa

Advice on administering a spanking

Regarding the spanking letter, Nov. 3, TGI. If there is anything I learned from my grandfather, it is this: If you need to spank a child, do it on the fleshy part of the rear end — and do it with an open hand so that you, as the adult, will also feel the pain you are inflicting on the child.

Rudy Sina, Lihue

Why I voted for Chock

I would like to share with you why Mason Chock received one of my council votes on Election Day. 

I am a local mother and business owner who has known Mason and his work for six years now. He is an exemplary community leader and from the very beginning of his career he has chose to dive into our community and work for the people of Kauai through his time as a rescue firefighter and his work with Hawaiian enrichment and youth leadership programs. These are a few of the many ways that Mason has contributed to enrich the lifestyles of Kauai’s people. Mason’s ability to work effectively with diverse groups and inspire a shared vision will assist in his ability to make tough choices on the council seat. 

I worked with him at leadership Kauai and was always impressed with his ability to work with everyone and effectively come up with intelligently planned out programs while allowing everyone to be heard. He is a profound thinker and takes nothing lightly. He feels that every thought or concern brought to light by any individual should be listened to, processed and dealt with to the satisfaction of his group. He is not afraid to make tough choices and stare into the face of adversity willing to talk about uncomfortable topics and really seek the best solution for everyone.  Mason is locally born and raised, educated and most of all, has the biggest heart. He truly loves Kauai and wants what’s best for all of us. 

Having him represent us on our County Council is the only choice for the betterment of our island and it’s people. 

Alana Agustin, Koloa


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