Letters for Nov. 1, 2014

• Follow the money, then vote • The Waves at Waipouli • Chock has proven himself an honorable leader

Follow the money, then vote

As a farmer, I am tired of being used as a pawn in the over-funded campaigns to support big landowners and chemical company interests in Hawaii. These same interests are launching unfettered, personal attacks on some of our best local representatives of true agriculture throughout the state and especially here on Kauai.

Nefarious “facts” and outright lies are being used to politically smear Councilman Tim Bynum and Councilman Gary Hooser. Some of the blogs are absolutely vile. We also do not need Walter Lewis’ column with misinformation on Mr. Bynum’s efforts to equalize the property tax structure. If there is anyone on the council who has tried to help homeowners and wage-earning residents with legislation to lower residential taxes, it is Tim Bynum.

Mr. Bynum has uncovered egregious violations and abuses by large landowners and chemical companies on Kauai. He should be lauded for upholding our land use laws and protecting true agriculture on Kauai.

Don’t you wonder about the funding source for television ads and repeated mailers on ballot Amendment #2 to the Hawaii Constitution? It is not coming from farmers even though it is presented by the misleading name, Local Food Coalition. The financial disclosure report shows LFC has raised $505,250 with $500,000 coming from Ulupono Initiative.

The voters in Kauai County and throughout the state need to pay attention and wake up to who is trying to control the power, land and economy of our home. We need to hold accountable those who attack true representatives of the wage-earning residents of Kauai and Hawaii. When the president of the Hawaii Farm Bureau states that “we intend to use guerrilla marketing techniques” (The Garden Island, Sept. 3, ) be assured that HFB is not representing all farmers. HFB has been soundly infiltrated by agro-chemical interests and these interests have been very successful in instilling fear in the membership of HFB. Farmers and residents should not react to “guerrilla marketing.” Follow the money and follow your heart when you vote in this election.

Louisa Wooton


The Waves at Waipouli

Like prodigal children they return …

Weary, and perhaps slightly disillusioned

After countless thousands of miles of roaming.

They hesitate a moment at the reef’s edge

As though not daring to realize

They are finally home

Then they lift their statures,

Oh, so high …

Until the prodding tradewinds

Send them racing with reckless abandon

To the outstretched arms

Of their waiting mother …


Dary Dabek

Whidbey Island, Wash.

Chock has proven himself an honorable leader

With Election Day coming up, I wanted to share some words on a dear friend of mine, Mason Chock.

He is one of the most inspiring people I know. I have reached out to him many of times to help guide me on where I can help in the community. He has connected me to projects that I have volunteered with such as Malama Huleia an effort to clean up and restore one of Hawaii’s ancient and largest fish ponds and create more community space. He has connected me to Waipa ropes course, where groups of all ages and backgrounds come together to engage in team building activities and learn about the humbling values and traditions of Hawaii. I have also had the opportunity to take a three-day leadership course with Mason as the instructor, where I was in awe at the work he has been building in our community. This course incorporated high school teachers, business professionals — some from non-GMO companies such as myself and employees of GMO companies.

The significance of bringing us all together to discuss our strengths and weaknesses and find a common ground that connects us is profound. A particular message I took away from this class was that there is never a wrong time to honor someone with gratitude. If we can find more things to honor about each other instead of picking on each other, than major change will progress. I would like to honor and mahalo nui Mason for his efforts!

Kristin Brown



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