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Letters for Oct. 27, 2014

• Stop whining when you break the law • Barca will straighten out this mess

Stop whining when you break the law

This is in regards to the recent complaining of alleged “speed traps.” I actually commend KPD for basically doing their job of identifying motorists who choose to violate the established speed limit, then cry when they’re caught. And one of them said he was a “doctor.” Really? He was driving through a Koloa neighborhood. What does he want the speed limit to be? It transitions to 40 mph after the Ala Kinoiki and Mahaulepu Road intersection. The other motorist who complained was caught in a construction zone in Lihue. Having full knowledge of the law, decided to use her electronic device.

Awesome! You broke the law! Pay your fine! Simple as that. Don’t send an article to TGI inviting everyone to your pity party because you have issues with accepting responsibility. Society doesn’t want to do that. We just want to point fingers and blame the police for doing their “job.”

I wish they would set up more “speed traps” all over the island so as to catch ignorant visitors and transplants who feel as though they can still drive like they’re somewhere else. Also feel free to cite motorists who continue to drive in the dark with no headlights on, expired or no safety checks and registration (probably due to the fact that they either can’t afford insurance or don’t care), no front license plate or putting effort into not displaying the required said license plate, but instead choosing to display some type of personal plate for either a college or professional team, auto manufacturer, college or university, you name it. Anything but their actual license plate.

I don’t want to sound like I’m “complaining,” after all. Who am I, anyway? Just your average law- abiding citizen. But if I were to get a ticket, I would accept full responsibility for my actions and pay the required fine.

I also love the stupid “no moo poo” articles in the paper. But I guess giant piles of horse crap that are on the beach, right next to visitors who happen to be sunbathing or just simply enjoying themselves, now that’s “pristine,” right?

Aaron K. Ellegard, Sr.


Barca will straighten out this mess

We have to make sure our public servants don’t make the public their servants. If the county needs more money, then they need to cut expenses. Doesn’t that make more sense than doing it the easy way, by taxing already struggling families? Unfortunately some of our elected officials have fallen way short of the mark.

Taking no action on serious issues is another big concern. It’s much easier to kick the can down the road. Let the state or federal agencies handle our problems here at home. “I told you all along that was my plan.” Does that sound familiar? Has anyone ever seen a government agency handle things in a timely manner? By the time red tape and rhetoric get straightened out years will have passed. This buys the chemical companies lots of time to wreak more havoc on our ocean and beautiful island.

We are also dealing with some elected officials’ “brilliant idea” to put a polluting, smelly dairy on sacred grounds that lead right to the ocean. Also, right next door to one of our beautiful hotels that brings in tourism and with that income and jobs. Who is going to benefit from this huge mistake? Some elected leader is putting a lot of moo-la in their pocket, is my guess.

I’m ready for a change and I am voting for Dustin Barca. Let’s try some common sense, what can it hurt? If not, it is going to be the same old business as usual.

Don’t bark up the wrong tree, vote Dustin Barca!

Linda Bothe



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