Letters for Thursday, October 23, 2014

• Saying no to another tax increase • Cannabis research needed now • Seeking info on Kauai’s economic collapse

Saying no to another tax increase

Another tax hike? According to an article in The Garden Island on 10/21/2014, JoAnn Yukimura wants to add another .75 percent to our 4 percent general excise tax to fund her already money-losing bus service. JoAnn, would it then be self-sufficient (paying for itself)? No way. Maybe we will have to add more tax later on, too. Congrats to Tim Bynum for calling her out on this one and calling it a regressive tax.

The mayor is at least smart enough to say he supports the idea, but more time is needed to come to a consensus on how to fund it. More time means “after the elections” in November, which is right around the corner. Let’s get out and vote and show JoAnn how we feel about more taxes. It’s up to us, we can stop it by voting “no” for more taxes, voting “no” for JoAnn.

Kris Van Dahm, Kapaa

Cannabis research needed now

Aloha. I’m fresh out of 50 months in federal prison for operating The Hawaii Cannabis Ministry where we helped to prevent and treat pain, disease and spiritual disconnection. Just reporting, not complaining.

What a great and unexpected education I received in prison. Now, it’s time for me to make some lemonade.

Please know that there are now multiple U.S. Patents for cannabinoids in the prevention and treatment of pain and disease including for cancer. Also, the Nobel Prize in chemistry in 2012 was given to the study of the two main cannabinoid ‘receptors’ CB1 and CB2.

Fresh, fertile Cannabis hemp, or marijuana seeds, are reportedly the single healthiest food on Earth. Google and see the science for yourself. We need a polar shift in values right now from cannabis being illegal to essential for our health, wealth, happiness and overall well-being.

I attended a talk titled “Designing Novel Medications: The Endocannabinoid System as a Therapeutic Target” at the U.H. Cancer Center on Thursday, Oct. 16 by Dr. Alexandros Makriyannis, the Director for the Center of Drug Discovery at Northeastern University in Boston. I got to spend 5 to 10 minutes with the good doctor in private before the event.

Dr. Alex is a very nice guy, but his work is all about microscopes and molecules and completely misses all the simple, effective home remedies that can be made with fresh cannabis hemp, or marijuana.

Roger Christie, Pahoa

Seeking info on Kauai’s economic collapse

I am writing a book about Kauai’s economic collapse following Hurricane Iniki, and I was hoping for the public’s input on a few individuals.

Around 1996 Michael James Burns, Jr. arrived on Kauai, and by 1998 he was convicted and sentenced to continuous prison for five years for multiple crimes, including at Hawaii’s two largest banks. In late 1999 he was given partial furlough and created Aspen Venture Group.

Burns then submitted a proposal to assess Grove Farm’s value to be assisted by his attorney Tom Foley and CPA John Candon. Burns and his attorney met with one of the directors before they were hired.

I’ve been told by a number of people about Burns and some of the people that he was connected with, I was hoping to get further confirmation.

Burns and his attorney even submitted an offer to purchase Grove Farm themselves, around the time Foley was being pardoned that would allow him to get his license to practice law back.

Burns was kiting checks at Bank of Hawaii but does anyone know what Burns did at First Hawaiian Bank? And with whom? Also further confirmation as to whom he associated with?

I’m hoping to get information on Jim Lull. I know when he came to Kauai and when he started at Guild Mortgage, as well as when he shifted over to US Financial. In 2003, Lull appeared to start aggressively pursue investors one of whom was former Kauai Times Publisher and KIUC as well as KIFB founder Greg Gardiner. This was around the same time that influential Gary Baldwin was giving Lull his “Special Durable Power of Attorney.”

I was hoping someone helped by, or perhaps who worked with Mr. Lull will contact me, to confirm certain aspects of his creativity as well as certain dates and associations.

Anything discussed can be completely off the record.

For those of you who might remember but aren’t quite sure, a web page is being created at kauaisconpeople.info to review some documents that might help recollections.

Eric Toulon, Kalaheo


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