Letters for Tuesday, October 14, 2014

• Take a stand before it’s too late • Public can attend Pfleuger sentencing • Too much wasteful spending in county 

Take a stand before it’s too late

Have we in America and occupied Hawaii, through our colonialist self-serving plantation era representatives (if the shoe fits?) and our semi-comatose electorate, sacrificed the long-term health of the people and the keiki of the planet because we are controlled and owned by the disaster capitalists, the almost totally corrupt governments of the bought and sold “civil servants,” the chambers of commerce, the corporate lobbyists, the military madmen, etc.?

Or, is it the whole human race which is doomed to a bleak future of swimming in rising air, land and sea levels of our own toxic excrement?

Pick your poison, Kauai is a major petri dish. And, are we to believe the Maui TV ads that it is anti-agriculture to want to rid the aina of Dow and Monsanto.

Greed is good, black is white, up is down, in is out, right is wrong. No time left for walking on legal eggshells, pussy footing, fence sitting and lying to ourselves and our families, friends, business associates, constituencies, etc.

Get up, stand up!

Fred Dente

Waipouli Ahupuaa

Public can attend Pfleuger sentencing

Ka Loko dam breached on March 14, 2006, resulting in millions of dollars in property damage and seven deaths.

As a result of the dam breach, James Pfleuger was indicted on multiple felony charges. He entered a “no contest” plea to reckless endangerment, a felony, and will be sentenced at 8:30 a.m. Wednesday, Oct. 15 in Judge Valenciano’s courtroom at the Puuhonua Kaulike Judicial Center Building, 3970 Kaana Street, Lihue.

The public is permitted to attend and witness the sentencing hearing.

Bruce Fehring


Too much wasteful spending in county

To quote Mark Twain, “Politicians, like diapers, must be changed frequently, and for the same reason.” That definitely applies to our present county government, both elected and appointed. Waste abounds.

Drive through the county parking lot. What do you see — lots of brand new cars — not low-end models but hybrids, SUVs, four-wheel drive trucks that we don’t need. Look how many middle and upper management positions there are. Look at county vehicles driving around doing nothing.

But they raise our taxes, raise our fees to pay for this excess.

The planning commission will approve any big development, regardless of traffic consequences, will fast track a questionable dairy but try to build an ohana on your property and they’ll have you run a paperwork obstacle course.

It’s time to vote out all the old guard, not that there aren’t good people there, they have just gotten too comfortable and too entwined with big money. The best thing I could hear from a candidate at this point is “I have no political experience.” At least they aren’t in someone’s pocket — yet. Vote for names you haven’t seen in government.

We might actually see some change.

John Humphrey



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