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Letters for Sept. 28, 2014

• Marijuana is not dangerous • Wasteful misuse of tax dollars • Thank you for turn lane • Let’s all pray for peace

Marijuana is not dangerous

Darin Moriki wrote “Since marijuana is classified a Schedule 1 controlled substance — one that has a high potential for abuse and is not accepted for medical use in treatment — physicians are not allowed to write prescriptions for it.”

He left out the third criteria which determines medicinal use. Safety of use. Unlike alcohol, no one has died from overdosing on marijuana. The fact is marijuana is not dangerous. It is safe to use without medical supervision. Marijuana has been arbitrarily classified as a federal controlled substance. Without a compelling state interest, persons have been deprived of life, liberty, and property without due process of law.

The judiciary is denying the use of police power deprives fundamental rights to liberty, property, and security from unreasonable government intrusion. The judiciary has declared marijuana as non-property and users as non-persons.

I believe the press knows this but keeps this discrimination from the people.

Michael Dee

Augusta, Maine

Wasteful misuse of tax dollars

Regarding the Sept. 14 article in The Garden Island, yes, Mel Rapozo, kids going without lunch must stop. But what really needs to stop is the $45,000 painting of Neil Abercrombie, as well as other wasteful misuse of our tax dollars. Who approved a $45,000 painting? Neil himself? Who is responsible for saying OK to the $45,000 expenditure?

What else needs to stop is your language as to whether or not this is political pandering — your comment of “up yours.” Really, Mel? Come on, we are talking about students’ problems, and at the end of the article, we get that unfortunate comment from you. That was very unprofessional.

Kris Van Dahm


Thank you for turn lane

I personally want to the thank the County of Kauai for installing turn lanes at the intersection of Kapaka Street and Kuhio Highway here in Princeville. It’s unfortunate that it took one death and several serious accidents to make this happen, but I am very grateful that it did and relieved that I do not to have to worry about being rear ended while turning onto Kapaka Street now.

Petrina Blakely


Let’s all pray for peace

There were two items in the Sept. 25 paper that stirred me to write this letter.

First, the denying of school lunches is deplorable. How about if all grocery stores add a donation box at the checkouts for a fund that would cover any child’s account shortage. If we all give even a few pennies, it would solve the problem. Or, perhaps, those of us who are more wealthy could “adopt” a lunch account for a needy child.

Second, regarding Mr. Beeksma’s letter, which credits the Quran’s quotes as probable inspiration for the beheadings by Islamic terrorists, I feel the need to point out that the Bible also contains many calls to violence. Also, I wonder if Mr. Beeksma has forgotten the Crusades, the Inquisition, the pogroms, the Holocaust and even the current killings and bombings on both sides in Gaza. Let’s all pray for peace, no matter which religion we choose to follow.

Judy Xenofos



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