Letters for Sept. 27, 2014

• Garbage: a major problem solved • Parents responsible for student lunch accounts • More on the Hawaiian Kingdom

Garbage: a major problem solved

A very real possibility of locating a new waste management site (not a landfill) as well as a recovery/recycling center that will need no financial commitment from the County of Kauai (taxpayers’ tax dollars) other than tipping fees could become an actual reality with the election of Duke Aiona for governor and Dustin Barca for mayor.

What have the past 20 years brought to Kauai in the way of solutions for garbage? Nothing! A 20-year dilemma can be resolved with taxpayers’ votes this election, since Kauai’s existing landfill already has an environmental impact study. The technology is available and ready to vaporize waste-creating gases that are cleaned and used to fuel a turbine that can generate electricity.

Municipal waste, hazardous waste, medical waste, tires, plastics, etc. can be applied to energy only or also be used to manufacture building products, such as construction hollow tiles and pavers (creating more jobs), which could aid in the solution for affordable housing/homelessness. Again, all U.S. emission obligations are met: there’s no pollution and the technology can “mine” the existing landfill — get rid of it.

Voters, face the facts. The technology is here. The solution is here. The jobs can be here. The financing is here, requiring no taxpayers’ dollars! What’s missing? The political will of our “lap-dog” elected officials is not here! Politicians serve the over rich, the billionaires. Kauai can’t wait any longer! It’s time for a change. Vote for Duke and Dustin.

John Hoff


Parents responsible for student lunch accounts

I agree that hungry children should not be denied a school lunch. However, it’s the fault of the parents and they need to be held accountable. Saying that taxpayers will pay for the delinquent accounts is unfair.

If everyone knows that their child’s lunch account can go negative forever, that balance will grow and grow! Where do you draw the line? If a parent doesn’t pay for a bus pass, the kid doesn’t ride the bus.

This means the kid will sit at the school until a parent picks them up. If a lunch account balance gets to -$10, that amounts to 25 school lunches on the reduced cost program! That’s over a month’s worth of free lunch! If the parents are called and told that the lunch account balance is overdrawn, insofar as that they are not eligible for a lunch and need to either pay the account or bring a home lunch, what more should the school do?!

If you can’t pay up, then pack your child a home lunch. It’s the parents’ responsibility! I know it can be difficult sometimes to come up with the money for food – whether it be at home or at school — but saying the state/county should take care of all delinquent funds is ridiculous.

Why not have the county pay for every student to have lunch then and ride the bus, and buy school clothes and supplies?! The list can go on!

April McGinnis


More on the Hawaiian Kingdom

Aloha, all Kanaka of Hawaii.

Simple question. Has the Hawaiian Kingdom been extinguished or is it alive and well, in “suspended animation,” since 1893?

New terminology, “pillaging,” is just one of many corrupt and fraudulent crimes that have been notated.

Very exciting times. I can’t wait for “land title” issues to be worked through. Everyone’s “mortgage” is also based on fraud, so folks like Ellison, who bought Lanai, can kiss off $300 million — no title to those or any lands in Hawaii, including Robinson and Grove Farm or the clown who wants to put 2,000 head dairy in a hugely pristine and significant archeological area because he can?

None of these lands can ever belong to anyone but those of all the past generations — Kanaka pinky finger koko or the blended communities of the plantation era, Hawaiian nationals, and yes, even transplants.

So, I have to ask, are you educated about these issues? If not, I suggest, for starters, “Overthrow” by Stephen Kinzer, “Hawaiian Blood” by J. Kehaulani Kauanui, or Hawaiiankingdom.org, the section on “land titles.” Let’s see what good writers are out there to submit, in discussion, your manao and spread the momentum.

Debra Kekaualua



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