Letters for Sept. 24, 2014

• Hooser vote the right one • Politicians must be aware of who they let sign wave on their behalf • The Kauai Bus a great way to travel

Hooser vote the right one

Recently, I’ve noticed an upswing in the letters to the editor aimed solely at Gary Hooser.

The content, if you can call it that, is clearly designed to hurt his chances of election. If you read the letters even casually, it is obvious that the criticisms within it are comprised of half truths and innuendoes.

It is the misguided work of those people who believe that in an election, anything goes. It doesn’t take a great intellect to see through the intent and frail data, but some voters who are unfamiliar with the issues on Kauai might easily be taken in by such tactics.

I know those who write letters like these want to win. But this is Kauai and traditionally we strive to keep our comments on a higher plane. In honor of our host culture, we call it being pono, a beautiful word denoting righteousness, harmony and balance. In that spirit, please, if you favor a candidate, tell us about him or her.

Hooser’s work to protect Kauai from the toxic effects of pesticides is outstanding.

He has taken the lead in saying that for our own health and safety we need to know how much is being sprayed and when.

Keep the spraying away from the school roads and water and let’s study what is actually being done. Have you read the law that the County Council passed?

If you have, you will find that it is fair and balanced and requires very basic compliance.

Because of the powerful will of the people, it passed the council’s scrutiny and they have voted to appeal it. In the end, it is we, who live on Kauai, who must be responsible for our environment, not the state or federal government.

Are you not concerned that the county has been stripped of its ability to safeguard its own people, land and water? Gary Hooser is and that is why I’m voting for him.

David Dinner


Politicians must be aware of who they let sign wave on their behalf

Each sign waver is a direct reflection of the candidate they represent. The candidate is guilty by association if he or she lets a loose cannon sign wave on their behalf.

I was recently riding my bicycle through beautiful Kapaa town when I came upon many sign wavers. One sign waver was very rude to me and purposely blocked me on the sidewalk and said a few choice words to me.

I said nothing and just proceeded on my way. I am not going to say who this person was sign waving for, however, because of this one person, that candidate has no chance in eternal torment of getting my vote.

Candidates, be careful who sign waves for you. There are times that a sign waver can cause more harm than good!

How about a good old fashioned debate amongst the candidates in lieu of waving to people in traffic?

James “Kimo” Rosen


The Kauai Bus a great way to travel

I want to encourage more people to use The Kauai Bus, especially tourists like myself. It is a good alternative to driving a car and gets one more vehicle off the ever busier highway.

Plus, The Kauai Bus is easier on the pocketbook. And it proves to be even more economical if one gets a monthly bus pass.

Granted, visiting Kauai for the first time does require renting a car for a day or two to enable one to reach locations like the Waimea Canyon and the end of the road at Kee Beach where the Na Pali Coast trailhead is.

However, after that, the bus will do just fine reaching destinations including Hanalei, Kilauea, Kealia Beach, Kapaa, Wailua, Lihue, Kalaheo, Hanapepe, Poipu, Waimea and Kekaha.

Plus, the bus is air conditioned, has a bike rack, and one can see more scenery than if they were driving a car.

Once one learns the ropes of the bus schedule, riding it can prove to be great fun and better ecologically for the island. I hope more people use The Kauai Bus and there are more runs and destinations offered in the future.

Gary Saylin

Davis, California


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