Letters for Sept. 9, 2014

• Dairy farm practices cause for concern • County will not be fooled by mere words  • Bring back Kimo’s column

Dairy farm practices cause for concern

For those of you who are not familiar with commercial dairy farm practices, here’s a few facts. Of course, the amount of manure generated is a huge concern. But there are more concerns to add to that. A normal farm cow can live to be 20 years old, a commercial milking cow lives about three to five years. To produce milk, a diary cow must be pregnant, she gives birth once a year. In between births, she is given a month or two rest period, then she is artificially inseminated again. Her calves are removed from her within weeks of being born. Male calves are considered useless and are used for veal or exterminated. Female calves are used as replacement milking cows. Therefore, a herd of 650 could actually be 1,300, a herd of 2,000 could be 4,000.

These are just a few of some serious questions that need to be answered:

What provisions are in place for the 650, later 2,000, calves that will be born yearly?

When the full capacity of 2,000 cows, plus 2,000 replacement calves is reached, how many acres will be required?

Will the existing seed companies on Kauai provide the 30 percent of supplemental feed required?

What provisions are in place for removal of the hundreds, and later, thousands of spent milking cows?

Ulupono Initiative has stated they want to be open and honest with the people of Kauai, so please, take the time and ask the questions.

Mika Ashley-Hollinger

Stuart Hollinger


County will not be fooled by mere words

Mr. Hooser’s comprehensive article in TGI Sunday, Aug. 31, is a prime example of demagoguery. Mr. Hooser, even if I accepted all your innuendos that you try to pass off as fact, I can not avoid focusing on the statement that West Kauai residents have been complaining about pesticide drift and the impacts for over a decade. Where were you then to answer their complaints?

You served as president of the Hawaii State Senate during that decade. Not once did you speak out regarding pesticide usage. Why not? Wasn’t it politically expedient to do so? Now that it may be worth votes for you, you mention nothing regarding the over $300,000 that you have cost the County of Kauai in promoting an aimless lawsuit. Why offer a vaporous explanation now when you saw fit not to act when you served in so powerful position in the Senate.

Mr. Hooser, bid us farewell as the voters see beyond your myths and elect more deserving people to the council.

Monroe Richman, M.D.


Bring back Kimo’s column

I like diverse opinions in a free country where we can resolve problems amicably to improve life for all people. Even editors have a different opinion from good or bad ideas. That’s what a democracy and freedom of the press is all about. Many brave people died to defend this freedom. A monopoly is incompatible with freedom and democracy. Do we want to be like Hitler’s Third Reich with a one-sided propaganda machine that limited thoughts and caused World War II? As long as the writings or thoughts are in good taste, let it be.

Please reinstate talented Kauai writer/photojournalist James Kimo Rosen’s column in your fine paper.

Chester Lau



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