Letters for July 17, 2014

• Stand up for the Westside • Farm poses negative impacts • Eliminating feral cats unnecessary

Stand up for the Westside

What is wrong with the politicians who reject petitions, postpone bills that get passed, etc.? They are supposed to support the public’s interests. Are their pockets too full, causing them to be blind on the health issues of the Westside?

This craziness has got to stop. We in Waimea are getting sicker, more illnesses are developing and the craziness keeps going on. Do they have to wait until it hits them and/or their families before they wake up and face the reality of what is going on?

People need to bear in mind that money is not the issue here — our health is at stake.

Sure, the big fancy trucks, cars, etc. look great, so are the clothes and trips, but without our health, all this means zero. When a person can’t breathe, walk, talk, eat what they want, life is not to be enjoyed to the fullest. I’m speaking from experience. I recently had visitors from Sacramento and believe me, I did not enjoy Waimea Canyon, Kokee, Poipu, etc. because I stayed in the car due to breathing difficulties. I could not enjoy going to restaurants because I have so many food allergies, I could not go with them to many tourist spots because of these medical problems. All that I had mentioned in my previous letters has gotten worse. So, you who wants to keep your pockets full by rejecting and postponing bills, bear in mind that all the money will not do you any good when you get hit with breathing problems, major illnesses and cancer. You, too, will have to sit and watch from a distance while others are enjoying themselves. I say sit because standing has become a major problem for me.

Why don’t the companies and politicians think about supplying homes in Waimea with air purifiers, organic foods, etc. Our island is being destroyed by greed, it is like cancer. It spreads and grows rapidly. It is so sad.

Lois Catala 



Farm poses negative impacts

Editor’s note: The following letter was sent to Amy Henessey, communications director for the Ulupono Initiative, and submitted to The Garden Island.

Aloha Amy,

For months we have followed the concerns of many Kauai residents who are justifiably frightened at the likely impact of the dairy farm currently planned by the Ulupono Initiative.

Our concern is informed by personal experience with the impact of dairy farms in New Zealand — the model for many of the features planned for Kauai. No New Zealand dairy farm is operating with the grazing intensity you are planning for Kauai. But still, the environmental impact of dairy in New Zealand has been devastating. And the country is scrambling now to re-regulate the industry to reduce the environmental impact.

The Ulupono approach to community relations and communication has been to stiff arm the concerned citizens by not sharing information, by withholding details about plans and by failing to openly address the myriad concerns surfaced and expressed by qualified Kauai residents.

The problem is one of scale at the location chosen for the dairy. If the unproven assumptions with regards to the environmental impact of the dairy prove wrong, the economic and social impacts will be terrible. Please consider either dramatically cutting back the herd size or relocating the proposed farm to a different part of the Island.

Richard and Dorothy Cole



Eliminating feral cats unnecessary

I am appalled and upset to hear of plans to kill feral cats and kittens in Kauai. This is cruel, inhumane and unnecessary.

My family visits the island over the summer and we refuse to spend our vacation there anymore until the killing plans are terminated.

Your lack of respect for these animals’ lives is disgusting and shameful.


Rosy Morales



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