Letters for July 1, 2014

• Barca would do well as Kauai’s mayor • Wake up voters, Kauai needs fresh faces • No problems in Austin with going topless

Barca would do well as Kauai’s mayor

I am thrilled to be able to vote for as worthy a candidate for mayor as Dustin Barca. He is a person of honesty and integrity who has proven himself to be a champion of the rights and welfare of the residents of Kauai. He is among the leaders of the grassroots effort that resulted in Ordinance 960. He stands for sustainable agriculture, protecting water resources from pollution, preserving cultural sites and public access to them as well as to recreational sites, and addressing the problem of drug abuse on this island. Everything that I read about Dustin Barca shows his earnestness in working for the health and welfare of all. I encourage everyone who is eligible to vote on Kauai to look up information on independent mayoral candidate Dustin Barca and to make sure they are registered to vote in the next election.


Susan Coan


Wake up voters, Kauai needs fresh faces

This reader couldn’t ask for a better way to begin Sunday (June 22) than reading two, not one, two letters in The Garden Island letters section shining an awareness light of hope that Kauai’s residents are waking up. I thank both of you for writing. Waking up to the fact that agricultural lands need to pay higher taxes (to lower home taxes); that auditors “discovered irregularities in gas usage by mayor”and that the county water system seems to be crumbling (Allan White letter). Waking up to the reality that Kauai’s governing bodies are composed of “good old boys and women who no longer make sound judgments for their constituents.” (Kathy Lanstyak’s letter). 

To this reader, those words equate to a skill of incompetence or something worse. Would not the inability to find a new landfill site within a 20-year time frame support this statement? Would not 15-plus years of inability to fix a “leaky roof” in a Kilauea gym support such a statement? Would not the suing of a councilman over a rice cooker by a county prosecutor support such a statement? Would not our present mayor’s “turning his back” on potentially life-threatening environmental violations to residents and visitors support such a statement? 

As for a “mixed martial artist/activist with little education” (K. Lanstyak letter) this reader considers Barca a blessing. Kauai needs young open minds to fight in office, not “do-nothing postponing lobbyist” serving their billionaire masters. Didn’t “educated/selfish minds” get us to where we are today? Kauai needs an open-minded “activist” to protect Kauai — not only its environment but also its culture, its aloha. We need Hawaiians on the council. We need young minds in office, not old lobbyists. Mr. Barca’s professional surfer standing complements a mayor, for it demonstrates a competitive nature.     

 Lastly, Kauai’s population has high numbers of older surfers, the generation just behind this writer. Let us all hope that they use their hi-tech toys and thumbs to get the word out to family and friends, to pass the word on to register and vote for a “new set” to come into office; that “set” being Barca for mayor. It’s up to us, young and old, to bring in the vote.


John Hoff


No problems in Austin with going topless

This letter is in response to TGI, June 18 letter complaining about two women sunbathing topless at Poipu Beach. My first comment would be “Seriously?!” Since the visitors were from Spain they could have been welcomed a bit more friendly. Most of Europe’s South Pacific and South America beaches are topless and many are also bottomless.

I believe that parts of the United States are the only places in the world where topless is prohibited. We are a world that has exhibited topless statues, paintings, murals on church ceilings, etc for the past hundreds of years. The female breast is not offensive; it is beautiful —  some men even appear to have breasts! Women are breast feeding in public and teenagers rarely wear enough clothing to fill a tea cup. 

I just returned from Austin, the capital of Texas, which is topless. Some of the pedi-cab drivers in the city go topless and this has not caused a problem with families, nor is it considered “indecent exposure.” Austin seems to be functioning just fine.

I enjoy any opportunity at the beach to go topless but we are restricted on Kauai by the ways of our Puritanical ancestors. So, I suggest you give it a try, you may find that you would enjoy the experience, life is short. I love it.


Rosemary A. Smith



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