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Letters for Tuesday, June 3, 2014

• Don’t tread on Constitution • Not all weapons are military ones • Birds are pests, pure and simple • Running in a different direction

Don’t tread on Constitution

I could not agree less with the letter about semi-automatic weapons not being sold on Kauai. Voltair is given credit for saying, “I do not agree with what you say but will defend to the death your right to say it.” How do you do that unless you have the means to do so? Our forefathers had infinite wisdom beyond anything our current politicians remotely possess.

The Constitution is there for a reason. Do not question it. Now to sum up my opinion which I am allowed to express, thanks to our Constitution, a well-armed militia is key to our freedom.

Joseph Lavery


Not all weapons are military ones

Jason Blake, I would love to take you up in your offer to weigh in (TGI, May 29, “Is this who we are?”). First of all, it is illegal to sell military assault weapons in Hawaii. 

If you look closely, you will find that they do not have a selector that allows automatic firing. That is what an assault weapon is. You’ve heard of the term a wolf in sheep’s clothing? A sheep in wolf’s clothing is still a sheep. The gun may appear to be a military weapon but it lacks the functionality of one. You also state that your “more critical personal belief is that this does not reflect the heart of the people of Kauai.” 

Well, the overthrow of the Hawaiian Kingdom did not reflect the heart of the Hawaiian subjects either then or now but you still get to live and enjoy your freedom here regardless of their loss. It is best to get out facts straight before submitting our ignorance for the world to see. I just hope that I am not doing it now.


Dominic Acain


Birds are pests, pure and simple


In response to the TGI article, “Noisy flockers,” the parakeets highlighted are nothing but an invasive species! 

I am a small lychee farmer whose once-a-year crop has been devastated by these birds. If something is not done immediately, there will be no lychee next year. These birds do not belong on our agricultural island. They are an invasive species, nothing else. Please do something Department of Agriculture, Invasive Species Kauai committees. It’s your job.

Thank you. 


Adam K. 


Running in a different direction

Dustin Barca’s historical “Run For Mayor” around the island was a supreme success, well attended and unbelievably inspirational. People marveled at this young man, who went incredible distances without stopping. This takes a strong mind, a strong body, determination and just plain mana. He has lit this island on fire, gotten people to vote and wave signs who haven’t done so in decades, and his campaign has signed up many new voters. His events are very well attended, and his focus is on health, healing and common-sense leadership. He is a very articulate and excellent speaker, friendly, warm and engaging. 

Most of the crowds that came out to support him the last four days have been overwhelmingly Native Hawaiian, and local. We have water outages in Kalaheo, with advice to the people to shower in Lihue and Hanapepe, a broken second pump, and friendly letters and boxes of bottled water telling people to conserve water and hang in there. The administration should be right there to suffer with the people, and drive back and forth to Lihue for their daily showers. If the seed companies had lost water to their fields, what do you think the response would have been? Exactly. I am sure they would have had a much better response to their situation than to go shower in Lihue and maybe we can get the National Guard to help. It is time for a change in the leadership of Kauai. For the people.


Anne Punohu



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