Letters for Friday, May 30, 2014

• Father should walk with son • Demand will indicate what people want • Opposed to government intrusion

Father should walk with son

Thursday’s (TGI, May 29) story, “Old school,” it’s true that child predators these days make it dangerous to let a child walk alone anywhere for a far distance. The father should have stopped the car and walked with the child for the mile. That way, his message to the child would have been that he love his child, but he/she had to be disciplined. With obesity these days, there is nothing wrong for a child or the dad have some exercise.

Howard Tolbe, Eleele

Demand will indicate what people want

In response to the question posed by Jason Blake, I’d like to say, yes, this is who we are.

First of all, I’d like to thank him for being reasonable and fair in his points, as opposed to a typical, anti-gun extremist. I admit hat we live in a violent society. Not here on Kauai necessarily, but in this country and around the world.

The right to keep and bear arms is a fundamental right to a free society. Yes, assault style rifles may look big and scary, but in reality, all weapons, including knives, are assault style weapons.

The guns sold at Sports Authority are not the guns the military use. They look similar but are not fully automatic, meaning you have to pull the trigger for each bullet, much like pistols.

They are simply rifles that look more intimidating because of their black, metallic paint, but at the end of the day, are just rifles. Also, assault style rifles are used in under 2 percent of crimes. We live in a safe community here in large part due to the hunting community and the fact that many on Kauai own guns. Kauai is a perfect example of more guns in the hands of law abiding citizens resulting in less crime.

Folks, please don’t be intimidated because the guns look scary. Keep in mind that any yahoo can’t walk in and buy one. They have to be licensed and pass a background check. Also, I support businesses having the right to sell what they please.

If the community doesn’t support the product, then it won’t sell and will be pulled from the shelves. I’d like to add that “assault style” weapons are already available on Kauai through private dealers and online.

Jason, I’m not suggesting you are, but let’s not go down that road of telling private businesses what and what not to sell. Vote with your dollars, folks.

Dan O’Flaherty, Kapaa

Opposed to government intrusion

I read in Thursday’s TGI that a father was criminalized for  making his son walk one mile.  The fear expressed was traffic and predators.  He was found guilty of child abuse. I guess Koloa kids cannot walk to Shipwrecks or Brennecke’s anymore.

I also noticed the County Council proposing a disproportionate real property tax rate on certain ag land uses, which happen to be used for GMO crops. Fear mongers have stumbled over  themselves to prove GMOs are unsafe, as yet inconclusive. There is fear because it’s a relatively new technology. Perhaps a fallow Kauai is preferred by the progressive thinkers? 

Edward Snowden reported abuses of government intrusion into our  private lives to over eight of his  supervisors before he took effective action. We have a right  to fear our government. Fear is the opposite of love. I  won’t be governed by fear. All it takes for the progress of evil is for good people to do nothing (E.Burke).  

While cats and dogs get county funding priority, the sanitation facilities at the Vidinha Soccer Fields are unusable. I challenge the County Council members to use those latrines. We need leaders, not whiners.

Mike Curtis, Koloa


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