Letters for Sunday, April 13, 2014

Amazing grace over lost walletToo many doubts about dairyThis island needs a dairy farm

Amazing grace over lost wallet

My wallet was lost. It fell off of my truck while I drove home from Lihue to Lawai on Thursday, April 3. I didn’t realize it until the next morning when I remembered the last place I saw it was on my bumper where I put it while waiting for my husband the evening before. I retraced the way and left my name and number with the establishments around the area where I thought it might have fallen then filed a police report. Seven days later, on April 9 in the mail, I received my wallet with a note saying, “We found your wallet on the bridge after German hill. We tried to retrieve what we could. Sorry it took some time to get it to you. I take care of my dad and can only leave to do errands. God Bless.”

Well, God did indeed bless me. My wallet was returned intact, credit cards, cash, etc. By the kind and honest heart of a Koloa gal and God’s loving grace. May the God of wonder and all creation bless you more, Kauai. His hand is truly on this island and his love in the hearts of many. I am blessed to be here.

Thank you again, Koloa gal. Love, grateful from Lawai.

Sueyen Ortiz


Too many doubts about dairy

I live at Nihi Ka Villas which has a mix of owners and renters. One of the attractions from here is Mahaulepu Beach with its pristine swimming and snorkeling. There is concern here about flies, odor, water purity. I heard a presentation by the group advocating the cows, which included the fact they have modeled their plan after the New Zealand dairy industry. It turns out that New Zealand is in environmental trouble there. Another factor the group presented was the approval by NCRS, which says they did not approve the project. Who did approve it? Who did do an environmental study? What is being done about flies? Are the rainfall figures really wrong? I believe more questions need to be answered before the 1,800-2,000 cows land on Kauai.

Peter Sterne


This island needs a dairy farm

Letters opposed to the dairy keep making the same points that have been adequately if not perfectly answered.

Still, I find the most compelling reason to support the dairy is the global-warming caused drought in California. People don’t seem to understand where their food comes from. Perhaps they don’t watch enough TV to see the “Happy Cows” advertisement for California milk?

When there’s no water for those California cows, there will be a flood of hamburger on the market. I’ll still get my beef from Medeiros no matter how cheap California beef gets. I will want to make sure that Medeiros is still here when the California dairies have slaughtered their herds. And while Medeiros may not be organic, their hamburger tastes, looks, and smells like a burger should.

Likewise, I support HDF because our island needs milk. Yes, it is disappointing that the milk will travel to Oahu and back, and that it isn’t going to be organic, but if the dairy is successful then maybe a bottling plant could be built here. And maybe Kauai could become the new home of the “Cheese-heads.” It may cost a little more, but the “insurance” it provides will be worth it.

John Zwiebel



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