Letters for Sunday, March 30, 2014

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Apply guidelines to ourselves, first

It’s not often that I laugh when reading Letters to the Editor, but Dylan Hooser’s “No fishing bans without research, first” on March 26 was a hoot. He wrote, “I feel that, first and foremost, the decisions on fishing and protecting fisheries around Kauai should be based on sound research and supported with broad-based community input.”

Dylan was a constant presence in the anti-GMO Bill 2491 hullabaloo his father started, a law passed “without research, first” and not “supported with broad-based community input.”  

Dylan also says, “We, as a community, should be teaching and promoting stewardship and self-regulation of the land and ocean.” If he believes that, why did he reject the Kauai Agricultural Good Neighbor Program of Voluntary Standards and Guidelines for RUP Use Reporting and Buffer Zones? Apparently self-regulation is only for fishermen, not farmers.

It’s so easy to support regulating others, but when Dylan, who owns a Sunrise Shells business, might be regulated, he’s against it. The hypocrisy is only matched by his father’s attempts to regulate only non-organic farms while he sits on the board of the Hawaii Organic Farming Association.

Chuck Lasker


We all are responsible for Earth

I can’t help but wonder out loud:

1) If the dairy project were presented as a proposal in response to expressed needs and demands of Kauai’s residents, would it have been viewed as being more desirable than devastating?

2) Should there be a major paradigm shift in the way we (as residents of and visitors to the island of Kauai), be aware and accepting of our shared responsibility to “malama aina?”

In other words, taking care of our environment is everyone’s job! Every man, woman and child on the island as a resident and visitor should know about the importance to protect and preserve our environmental integrity! To do that takes time, commitment, effort and the willingness to pitch in and help. A collaborative effort from all needs to be coordinated by the shakers and movers in the public and private sectors!  

Let’s combine our efforts to do so! Let’s get the schools, the business and professional establishments, the community organizations and churches, the civic clubs and organizations, the visitor’s industry and the health services entities along with any and all other interested parties to be a part of this effort! This is the pono thing to do. This is the Kauai way of getting things done!


Jose Bulatao, Jr.


Without moral compass, anything goes

In dismay, I read Dennis Chaquette’s farcical slap on the face to all Christians (TGI, March 28).

Clearly, Chaquette has issues with and is sadly at odds with his own beliefs in Jesus Christ. Why must our good newspaper publish his clear display of ignorance and anger toward the Lord? Where is the editor? If there is no moral compass or filter on our “free speech,” then perhaps as long as we don’t use profanity or directly slander someone then does anything go?  

 So I will listen to what it says in Ephesians chapter 6, verse 11: “Put on the full armor of God so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes.”

Spiritual warfare is nothing new but is something that Christians must prepare for. I will “put up my shield of faith” (Ephesians 6:16) today and hope that God will bless you, Mr. Chaquette.

Leilani Sim-Godbehere, D.V.M.


Cannabis choice would be good

Regarding “Hawaii lawmakers hear about marijuana dangers,” (March 26), Kevin Sabet is a professional drug war cheerleader. That’s his job. His only job. The re-legalization of cannabis will lead to the unemployment of Kevin Sabit.

And Kevin Sabet knows it.

I’d like to add the cannabis legalization issue is not about cannabis being completely safe for everybody including children and adolescents. It is not.

The issue is the freedom of choice for adults. Hawaiian adults have the freedom of choice regarding legal alcohol. Shouldn’t they have the same freedom regarding legal cannabis?

Kirk Muse

Mesa, Ariz.


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