Letters for Tuesday, Dec. 10, 2013

Strong support for KIUC boardHospital, county deserves thanksKeep the lights onKudos to Dustin

Strong support for KIUC board

Please, really? Smart meters are health hazards and intrusions on our privacy?

Let’s see, smart meters are health hazards due to the high radiation energy emission? Smart meters generate 1/12,000th the energy of a cell phone. If smart meters are health hazards, then cell phones are totally toxic!

Smart meters are personally intrusive, allowing our co-op to monitor our electric usage, and predict our behavior, like when we’re home or not. I would be willing to bet the 10,000 households who have opted out of the smart meters have statistically predictable behavior, and are probably home at midnight. So what?

Recently, proof has surfaced that Obama’s National Security Agency has been tracking our cell phone calls, both sent and received, including the locations of the caller and recipient. Time, location, and associates are a huge invasion of my privacy. Where is the outrage?

So, 10 percent of KIUC members don’t want to be responsible for their refusal to accept the technology our co-op directors and managers implement to reduce the cost of generating our power. OK.

Personally, I don’t want to subsidize their short-sighted, emotional behavior. I don’t support or encourage my child’s tantrums, either.

The only conspiracy I can smell is the 10 percent of my co-owners who are using scare tactics to personally benefit, in support of their emotional behavior. When they turn off their cell phones, I  will begin to respect their integrity.

I strongly support our KIUC co-op directors.

Michael Curtis


Hospital, county deserves thanks

We would like to thank Kauai Veterans Memorial Hospital for the awesome level of caregiving that they provide. When Jim was recuperating from a broken hip in September, we were constantly impressed by the considerate, upbeat, happy demeanor of all the staff in all our encounters with them; they have infinite patience. The whole atmosphere and spirit of the facility is welcoming and caring. Even now if I go in to visit someone I feel like I’m going home. The Westside families are blessed to have this medical care facility close to home and I hope that we can help them through tough times financially. I’m afraid that if the aftermath of Bill 2491 causes the corn companies and coffee company to shut down or scale back, the hospital may have to close. Let’s rally and support KVMH!

 We would also like to thank Kauai County for their amazing response to the landslide on Menehune Road in Waimea Valley in the wee hours of the morning Dec. 2. Since the landslide at midnight had blocked the road with huge piles of rocks, smashed the main waterline, took out electricity poles, and even a chunk of the road, fixing the mess needed the coordination of many departments. Workers and equipment were already there by 4 a.m. Since the narrow one-lane road is the only access to the valley, creating open times for residents to drive in or out in between each department’s work was quite a challenge. It was smoothly accomplished and it was impressive that everyone worked so well together and even worked into Monday night to finish. Thanks again for the quick and efficient response!

Jim and Katie Cassel


Keep the lights on

Good grief! I hope you’re (TGI, Dec. 9, Kathleen Viernes) not suggesting that KIUC be run like the government runs the country or county! That would be punishment. The lights would never be on.

John Clayton


Kudos to Dustin

Congratulations to Dustin Barca for his Agent of Change award given recently at the Surfer Magazine awards banquet. Well deserved for his efforts to protect Kauai from the effects of rampant chemical pollution of the land and sea by Mainland chemical corporations. It is interesting that just a week earlier, Keith Robinson was complaining to the DLNR about depleted fish stocks on Niihau when he leases land to the companies that are dumping chemicals to the sea that fronts his island and he blames the fishermen. It is probably time to rethink what is really causing depletion of an important food source for the people of Niihau. And then Kauai has a mayor who bucks the tide with his veto of a very sensible bill and mandate.

It will be interesting to see what the next elections bring. Anyhow, hano hano Dustin, an award well deserved.

Christian Smith



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