Letters for Sunday, Nov. 17, 2013

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No to smart meters

I am one of those people who don’t want a smart meter. There are several reasons, which don’t really matter since that is an individual choice and everyone is entitled to make their own decisions. What really annoys me is being punished for it. We put in a solar unit about a year ago and since that time we have put into the grid more than twice what we take from it.

Even with the pittance KIUC pays compared to what they charge for a KWH, we still usually show a small “profit” each month, which of course they don’t pay me but keep on the books as a credit.

So now to read a meter that shows I don’t owe them anything, they will charge me enough so that I do. Tell you what, guys, once a month I’ll send you an email with a picture of the meter readings and you can keep your reader at home and also keep your punishment fees.

For an outfit that claims to support alternate forms of energy, between the unbalanced rate structure you have for customer-generated power and punishment fees for not going along with the party dogma, you’re blowing it.

By the way, that line of Bissel’s about customers enjoying the benefits of smart meter? Smart meters mostly benefit the utility; they get to layoff meter readers and they can cut off your juice from the comfort of their own office.

Customer-owned utility? KIUC sure doesn’t act like it.

Carl Fumante


OK with gay marriage

I just don’t understand the big deal. I don’t go to an organized church, so maybe that makes me ignorant. I don’t feel the need to get gay married because I am more in love with my wife of 28 years every day.

Maybe that makes me ignorant. I don’t feel threatened by gay marriage, so maybe that makes me ignorant. What I know is, in a world with far too little love, any commitment to legislate against it in any form seems like folly.

Allan White


Complainers, go home

Instead of removing chickens, remove those that constantly whine about what is left of “keepinitKauait” or the Kanaka Maoli having forever been manipulated and ravaged with invasive human species activities, politics, illegal military, fake state occupations or GMOs ad nauseum.

Some folks just do not deserve to live here. Everyone of them has come from elsewhere, where they lined their pockets and then they dig right in to where they left off, trying to change what has been here long before the first traveling voyager crews or missionary ships, the later of which brought disease of the mind and body that killed off the host culture, original Kanaka population.

None of it, is or has, had anything to do with chickens, even the bird flu virus cannot be tagged in this thousands of years earlier scenario. “It is what it is,” too little too late to beat the drum. Auwe! Auwe! Auwe!

Debra Kekaualua


Spread some joy

Let us be thankful for each time the essence of aloha prevails even in those moments of diametrically opposed opinions.

It is important for us to remember that, no matter what, we have that shared kuleana (responsibility) to take care of this place, each other and ourselves because we all are here together on our beloved Kauai!

Let us be thankful for having the privilege of living here where it is truly “paradise on Earth.”

Let us be appreciative of having common courtesies extended while we travel on the highway; for pleasant store-clerks who are friendly; for caregivers who render compassionate assistance; for opportunities to “love, live, and let live” with sincere hearts!

Make that extra effort to smile! It ain’t gonna break your face! For us here, the day of Thanksgiving can and should be every day!

Jose Bulatao


We can do better

Please explain why the Elsie H. Wilcox Elementary School looks in such disarray? This, across from the public library in Lihue, where tourists drive by everyday. What message does this send to our youth and visitors to Kauai? Maybe we need to send a message that elected officials can be impeached as fast as they are elected.

There is another thing about the private boys club in the Kalaheo neighborhood center. Better have a special permit if you want to shower in the public restroom that has the only hot water system for all those hikers visiting Kauai. That sign violates bylaws of a community center. I hear a class act lawsuit coming for discrimination and harassment. A shower in a public restroom is considered public. If the shower was a separated entity, then you can post that sign.

So you know, I declared sovereignty just in case the boomerang effect comes at me. That’s also in the law library under the Constitution.

Anthony Petro


Welcome to Kauai

“The public is advised to stay out of flood waters and storm water runoff due to possible overflowing cesspools, sewer manholes, pesticides, animal fecal matter, dead animals, pathogens, chemicals and associated flood debris,” the advisory states, which remained in effect Monday.

Aloha. Welcome to the Garden Island.

County leaders need to do something to address the infrastructure before that quote from The Garden Island is passed out to visitors as they get off the plane for their first and last visit to Kauai.

Suzan Kelsey Brooks



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