Letters for Thursday, Nov. 14, 2013

Override the levyThe majority doesn’t always ruleA slap in the faceSupport for Ernie Pasion

Override the levy

Aloha Council members,

As a concerned and loving visitor every year to Kauai, I’m asking you to override the mayor’s misplaced veto of Bill 2491.

To back down on your 6 to 1 vote in support of Bill 2491, even without one of the council members, would be a grave mistake and would fail to show your respect and concern for the community of Kauai, its wonderful ohana spirit and appreciation for the health and welfare of all members of the community, not just those who could profit from polluting this beautiful island.

Kauai is a jewel in the Pacific, it should not be overrode by companies whose processes do harm to the land and people of such an exceptional place on this Earth.

We live in Los Angeles and remember the days of heavy smog, significant air pollution and the battles fought to avoid limiting the sources that caused our air to turn so bad. It was the people of California who stood up, just as the people of Kauai who have done the same, that put limits on the vehicles and oil producers, effectively ending our horrible air quality problem. The good news is, the change in California became a standard for the nation. Cars still roamed our communities, businesses adapted, and the air got better. The economy did not die as the corporations threatened would happen. In fact, it got better because the state was cleaner and healthier.

The people of Kauai have done the same by showing up in mass, as was your 6-1 vote in support of Bill 2491. Bill 2491 is bigger than just Kauai, just as limiting smog in California was bigger than just the problem it created in Los Angeles.

As such, we ask you to stand for the spirit that is Kauai, don’t buy into the jobs canard as if there are no other alternatives. Don’t place people’s health and well-being second to profit for corporations that do not care for this paradise we all love so much.

In my view, Bill 2491 is not strong enough, as I would like to see the removal of all GMO testing and use in Kauai, let alone across the nation. Yet, we must accomplish what we can, be rational and logical under the circumstances.

Pass this sound and viable bill. Stand tall, stand firm, stand and deliver an override of the mayor’s veto. Generations of Kauaians, and the future of the peoples of our nation will thank you.

For we are all watching.

Wayne and Marsha Williams

Sherman Oaks, Calif.

The majority doesn’t always rule

The decision on same-sex marriage should not be left to legislators. Let the over 1 million people decide rather than the less than 100 legislators.

Sure this sounds democratic but there is a reason we have a government that is supposed to represent the people (all the people).

Remember the civil rights movement? How government had to step in and pass legislation to secure African Americans the rights they were guaranteed in our Constitution? Even though the southern states overwhelmingly were against it?

Yes, the majority ruled but what was wrong, was wrong. We have a Constitution for a reason, it’s to give “equal” rights. In this case the majority does not rule, the principle of equal rights and fairness rule. But of course, if you want to mix religion in with this, well I would suggest you take a trip to the Middle East and tell me if you think religion should rule.

Thomas McCall


A slap in the face

The mayor’s decision to veto Bill 2491, and to release the county attorney’s statement, was nothing less than a slap in the face to all the hard working people involved in both drafting and amending this bill. It was a slap in the face to all the people who came to testify who were not contracted or paid by the industry. It was a slap in the face to all the professionals who came and presented well documented evidence in support of simple disclosure, buffer zones and a study.

It was a slap in this face, my own and that of my family who live in Puhi and who have been the unwilling test subjects of this industry.

What will it take for these companies to provide disclosure? What will it take for these companies to respect the public? What will it take for these companies to quit influencing, bribing, or whatever they do to our elected officials in this state and county in order to avoid telling us what they are doing in the open air? Do they own the air too?

We have reached a limit here. The public wants disclosure, not more slaps in the face by our own representatives, not more excuses, lies or threats!

All of this ongoing drama because they refuse to provide us with evidence of safe practice? If it does not alarm you still, maybe a slap in the face is precisely what is needed to wake up!

Danitza Galvan


Support for Ernie Pasion

I want to give my support to Kauai County auditor, Ernie Pasion. Since he was hired by the county he has done a good job by revealing some wrongdoing by Kauai County. The Kauai County now wants to release him from his duties as a county auditor. Something is wrong with this picture.

The county is afraid that he will find more wrongdoing that the county is doing. He is doing a job that he was hired to do. If you release him from his job we know that this Kauai County is corrupt.

What is the Kauai County afraid of? Let him keep his position so he can do his job.

Gilbert Nobrega



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