Letters for Wednesday, Nov. 6, 2013

Stand up to conspiracyThreats can not be toleratedI disagree, but I’m not intolerantLeaders need courageTime for input on Bill 2491

Stand up to conspiracy

A fine article was written in TGI (Oct. 27) recognizing October as National Filipino-American History Month. A great tribute to an outstanding race of people.

Ironically, we have a mayor who says, “Filipinos are an integral part of our island community and have enriched our lives through their culture, heritage ‘and countless other ways.’”

And yet, in an extremely hypocritical fashion this mayor, who heaps praise on their community, so severely cuts the budget of our Filipino auditor, Ernie Pasion, that his office can no longer operate — prior to firing him! And with no just grounds for doing such a thing.

One can’t help but wonder, did Mr. Pasion’s fine audits point the finger at the incompetence in the dark corners of the operation of our government and so he must be terminated for failing to be a “team” player?  The facts addressing that question make the answer a no-brainer!

Hopefully, the wonderful Filipino community that thrives on hard work and honesty will stand up to this conspiracy that is trying to get rid of one of the best people ever hired to a top government position and has represented their race with distinction and honor.

Camellia Ditch-Crosby


Threats can not be tolerated

The mayor is threatened for taking a thoughtful position on 2491. People of Kauai, are you going to tolerate that position? When an issue leads to bullying and threatening remarks it arouses the passions in us all.

What nonsense when a political issue arouses that kind of thought. It is time that the silent majority speaks out. Friends, neighbors, forget about your red shirts or blue shirts. Our mayor, whom I support, has been threatened. Take a moment and send your feelings to The Garden Island. It is time that mob rule and threats are addressed by the majority. Not to do so only leaves you as part of the problem. Send your letters to the editor and show that there is a majority of thoughtful persons living on our island who understand an issue and who will not accept mob rule.


Monroe Richman, M.D.


I disagree, but I’m not intolerant

Here’s my take on the “Our View” column (Oct. 31) regarding tolerance and same-sex marriage opinions. My copy of the Oxford American Dictionary defines “tolerate” as “allow the existence or occurrence of without authoritative interference.” I favor allowing same-sex marriage. Therefore, I disagree with those who are opposed. My disagreement does not make me intolerant of the other point of view. And if same-sex marriage is allowed by law, it does not interfere with the other side’s rights to express their opinions, go to their churches, continue to marry those of the opposite sex, etc. But if their opinion prevails in law, then a certain number of our fellow citizens will be prevented from engaging in an activity, namely legal marriage, the rest of us enjoy. Their ability to marry will not be allowed or tolerated. Some would even say they are being discriminated against.

Al Albergate


Leaders need courage

We have two of our four legislators opting (as is their right) not to support equality for all in our community. One is saying it is due to his religious belief as set by his church. Well, I am sorry, but this is not Christian. This is not something I believe Jesus would support as he told us not to judge!  In American history one of the biggest “Christian” groups, was the KKK!  They held up the Bible as the justification for their racist and anti-Catholic activities. Did this make them right? When Gov. George Wallace stood on the steps to the school in order to keep black students from attending he cited what the other legislator is claiming, that he was doing as his constituents wanted. The constituents were the KKK! Did this make his actions right? We need leaders who have the courage to do right and not look for convenient excuses to take the easy way out!

Scott Saguym


Time for input on Bill 2491

The voices and ideas in support of Bill 2491 have been so numerous and clear that I have held back from weighing in, thinking it was not necessary.

What possible excuse could the council find to vote against it? When I listened to arguments against it, they almost invariably missed the point of the bill, which is disclosure and the environment, and became about job loss or some other issues that were not remotely related to this bill. How, after all these years of watching the political scene on Kauai, could I be so naive? First came the irrational subsidized testimony against it, then came the equally inane amendments to weaken it and now come the state and mayoral roadblocks meant to delay and derail the bill.

Government obstructing the will of the people! All of this leaves the citizens of Kauai with a bumpy road in our future. If this bill fails, we are going to have a lot of throwing out to do; mostly replacing so many of our existing county (and hopefully) state officials. To accomplish that, we may have to elect a whole lot of men/women who know little or nothing about running our government. While that may be a good thing, in some respects it will leave us with a huge learning curve. We are going to need some bright, willing, youthful and energetic candidates. Let’s start looking and stepping forward now. I propose that we form a Kauai Citizens Search Committee to accomplish the task.

David Dinner



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