Letters for Sunday, October 27, 2013

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Support equal marriage

For several years, the state of Hawaii has been divided over the issue of marriage equality.  

• Hawaii passed a provision for civil union, a separate set of laws for same-sex couples. Civil unions segregate the population and essentially put same-sex couples at the “back of the bus” of marriage equality.

• We have read editorials that say Hawaii is a Christian (or a biblical) state … The United States Constitution declared our country is a democracy not a theocracy.

• The conservative element has tried to force their interpretation of the Bible into law … The United States Constitution declared our country separates church and state.

• Other editorials have threatened heterosexual marriages would be compromised when equal marriage is approved. To date, 14 states as well as the District of Columbia have equal marriage … there have been no reports of other marriages being compromised.

As a mother of three adult children, one of whom is gay, I want my son to have the same legal right of marriage to a person he loves, respects, and cherishes … just the same as his siblings.

There are so many pressing issues in our country right now. It is sad the issue that can bring love, harmony, and joy to so many is causing such a chasm. Please, contact your local representative, senator, and Gov. Abercrombie to provide your support for equal marriage in Hawaii.

Melissa Egusa, Koloa

None of your business

I don’t like my neighbor’s messy yard. But unless he parks one of his junk cars on my lawn — it’s none of my business.

I don’t like the way my neighbor treats his dog. But unless he enslaves my dog, how he treats his — is none of my business.

Luckily for my neighbor, we live in the “Land of the Free.” And for the law to perceive him as having done me harm, he has to do more than just offend my sensibilities.

I agree with this line in Judge Laureta’s commentary; “Sex is very personal and private.” So whether or not my neighbor is having it, who he’s having it with, or who he is married to —  is certainly none of my business.

Judge Laureta’s piece was refreshing in one regard.  At least he didn’t start it by saying, “Dear friends and neighbors, I am not here to judge you, or your choices.” Quite the contrary.

He bravely writes from the dizzying height of his “moral high ground.”

Supreme court ruling be damned.

Gayla McCarthy, Waimea

Moral obligation to protect rights

Linda Estes’s letter (TGI Oct. 23) is a fair criticism of Rep. Tokioka.

When he served on the County Council he was a Republican, but when he ran for state office he switched to being a Democrat to win support. But he has not accepted the State Democratic Platform for marriage equality, which is also that of the American president, the governor and both the Hawaii and United States Supreme courts.

Questions of equality and justice should never be decided by popular vote. It is a moral obligation to protect the rights of the minority against an unjust will of the majority. Abolishing slavery, women’s rights and racial equality were never the product of popular votes, but of moral imperatives.

Rep. Tokioka has a responsibility to declare who paid for and what independent and professional poll organization was used for his district.

In the spirit of aloha it’s time to do what is pono.

Fred Wells, Kapaa

Article a benefit

What a wonderful article in Oct. 25. in The Garden Island on the subject of making a positive difference, in our life and in the lives of others.

The very long article “Keep on making a difference,” written by Annaleah Atkinson, is outstanding plus. It will truly benefit everyone who reads it.

She points out that, as we help other people, we in the process are also helping ourselves. Kudos to The Garden Island and kudos to Annalean Atkinson.

Joe Frisinger, Princeville


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