Letters for Monday, Oct. 21, 2013

Pro-bill people don’t speak for all residentsMahalo to airport security • Pasion should not be removed as auditorBill supporters got their way

Pro-bill people don’t speak for all residents

According to the most recent Census (2012), Kauai’s population was last recorded at approximately 67,000.

From the “Mana March” that occurred back in September, it looks like there were only about 4,000 people, or just about 6 percent, of Kauai’s total population who whole heartedly supported Bill 2491.

As a part of the 94 percent of others who have either not taken a stance, have not found it necessary to spend county money on Sunday marches, protesting, or sitting before council members for hours and days on end, it is disturbing to continuously read these letter to the editor/opinion section of The Garden Island saying that you are disturbed of the mayor’s choice to defer this bill.

Did any of you ever stop to think that you are not the only residents on this island?

Please remember that you are not the only people who reside here and no matter how strongly you feel about something, it does not mean that the tens of thousands of others who call Kauai home share in your beliefs or want what you think “should be” here. Our council members and mayor have more than just you people to think about when they make decisions.

Take a look at the current council members who have headed this bill. See where they eat, what they eat, if they drive a car that uses gas (with ethanol), ride a donkey or walk to work. Are they truly GMO free themselves? Do they themselves in some way need a byproduct of corn? Or do they just want your vote for next year’s election?

Harry Makae


Mahalo to airport security

We have been reading so much negative news about our island recently — people leaving and  “losing” items, break-ins while out to dinner, etc. We rarely hear about the good things that continue to happen day in and day out on our wonderful island home.

After an exhausting Mainland trip, I inadvertently left a computer bag at the airport curbside that included several valuable devices (tablet, computer, cell phone, etc.)

Realizing at once after arriving home, I called airport security. Mahalo nui loa to Officer D. Benitez for retrieving this “found property,” to Darryl, who answered my call for information, and to the staff at the security office who graciously returned this computer bag with all contents intact. “Just doing the job” but doing it with aloha. Lucky we live on Kauai!

Carol Seielstad


Pasion should not be removed as auditor

Having been one of the many citizens who filled the council chambers on Oct. 8 to show support for our County Auditor, Ernie Pasion, I was extremely happy to read Ken Taylor’s account of that event (TGI, Oct. 13).

The facts are that those in power are trying to fire Mr. Pasion. Not because of his qualifications for the auditor’s position or that he failed to do his job (rumored reasons for his dismissal), as these are accusations without fact or basis. But because the six audits he and his staff did so well glaringly pointed out the gross incompetence in the way our government is run.

Yes, this “conspiratorial movement” to dismiss one of the finest, most competent people ever appointed to a government office is outrageous and must not happen.

But the far bigger picture is not about Mr. Pasion’s getting fired but about the plot to make sure that no honest person ever remains in a position to expose incompetence, fraud and waste in our “locked tight” system. Don’t ever forget what happened to Rolf Bieber on the Ethics Board for being a concerned maverick to represent the people –  he was not reappointed.

Yes, Bill 2491 is of significant importance to the people of Kauai and must be addressed.

But the importance of hiring competent, qualified people to run our local government and keeping them is of paramount importance and as important as any issue we face.

Joe Rosa


Bill supporters got their way

Hurray for the Bll 2491 supporters who may have gotten their way just like the House Republicans. They demanded that the Big 5 Agro-businesses on Kauai be transparent in their use of RUP/restricted-use pesticides and yet they never proved that such pesticides are being used.  

If they did, then how did they find out? It seems that if the companies are not even using RUPs, then all this haggling and obsessive discussions were for nothing — just like what the House Republicans ended up with.

Just wondering if all this possible waste of time/money will lead anywhere, if the pesticides being used are not RUPs and just as safe as what is offered in garden shops?  

That one letter earlier suggesting that misuse of insecticides by house-owners might be more an issue than the Big Agro-companies usage may some day come to light. Who knows?

Masa Shirai



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