Letters for Monday, Sept. 30, 2013

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Health matters most

The seed companies must get out of Hawaii. In addition to my present medical conditions, I now have difficulty walking more than 20 feet. I gasp for air and perspire. This makes doing my daily activities very difficult. For the past several days I have had no energy. I huff and puff and must carry my inhaler with me at all times. And, this has become very scary.

 I am concerned about all our little ones who have respiratory problems at such an early age. This will jeopardize their lifestyle in the future if not already.  Having severe asthma problems is something to be concerned about. Asthma can be fatal. Dreams will be shattered, activities will be limited and life shortened.  We all must bear in mind that without our health we have absolutely nothing. Our health is our most valuable possession, not the big house, the fancy cars, the high-end restaurants, the designer clothes, the latest technical toys, the big screen TV, etc.  

 I worked as a caregiver/housecleaner for terminally ill patients who were very rich and famous for over 34 years. I studied their lifestyles, eating habits, etc. and when I went home to my one-bedroom apartment with three children, I looked into the mirror and told myself, “Lois, you are so rich.” My children and I were healthy and happy. And, this is all that mattered.

People need to reprioritize their life every so often and truly think about what is important to them. All the luxuries in life do not depict who we are. I watched a patient who called every medical institution, wanting to buy a liver. At age 69 he was considered too old. His fancy cars, mansion, all the luxuries he possessed, meant nothing to him then … He would look out at the gardener working and wish he could trade places. Too late. Don’t let it be too late for us. Get the seed companies out of Hawaii. Having them jeopardize our health is not acceptable.

Would they be willing to provide every household on the Westside with air purifiers, etc? This is not a political issue. This is a life and death issue.


Lois Catala


Citizens supported districting proposal

Kauai Charter Review Commission is misinformed. Your Sept. 24 front page article quotes John Jay, a Kalaheo resident, as stating that three past attempts at districting council seats failed.

In fact, the last time citizens successfully petitioned to add council districting to the ballot, it won.

The problem was that the entrenched Democrats were so threatened, those council members placed their own council districting amendment on the ballot, And it won, too!

Now, with two council districting approvals passed, the County Clerk invalidated both. Imagine that!

The Kauai Charter Review Commission Chair should remember that, too. And, yes Jan, “things change.”

Michael Curtis


Facts or Fantasy

Since the inception of Bill 2491, Mr. Hooser has been spewing the false number of 18 tons of RUP chemicals used by the seed companies and Kauai Coffee.

This number was officially disputed by the state agency that regulates these chemicals, as they noted that 9 tons of that was water. Yet proponents of the bill continue to use this false number.

Now, he recently stated that the RUP usage is only 20 percent of the pesticides used.

Since he seems to have all the numbers at hand, what is there for the seed companies to disclose? Why does Mr. Hooser not simply release the data and its source, and save all of the time and effort attached to 2491?

We have recently seen unproven “exposure reports” on Ahukini Road, and have heard about “unexplained “ health issues, real, but as they state, “unexplained.”

Mr. Hooser is on the board of directors of the Hawaii Organic Farming Association, who are avowed opponents of chemical usage and GMO crops. This is a direct conflict of interest with the need to approach all legislation with a fair and neutral outlook to benefit all the people of Kauai.

As other writers have stated, it appears Mr. Hooser is using this issue for his own political gain, and is violating the trust and responsibility entrusted to him as an elected official.

Barry Dittler


Affordable Care Act is too expensive

Open letter to our senators: I am asking you to defund the Affordable Care Act! This should not be about partisan politics! This is about the future of our nation. We simply cannot afford this bill! And as a senator, you should know this better then I.

We have over 200 central government programs that are duplicates! Not to mention all the fraud within these and all programs! It’s Congress’ job to provide oversight, not just enact more spending bills!

We are not creating jobs with ACA. We are killing them! We are not making our country stronger. We are weakening it! If the ACA is so wonderful, why did you vote to exempt or postpone yourselves, your staff, big business, IRS and soon the unions from contributing to it? Could it be because it is not such a great deal after all?

Please ask yourselves these questions:

Will your decisions help restore confidence in our government and our institutions?

Are your decisions based on how they will affect our state and country or are they based on what your political party says to do or what will get you re-elected? (Selfish careerism should not be part of your decision making!)

Are you more interested in short-term political gain than in the long-term effects for the country?

Fraud is rampant. Do you have the political courage to do what is right?

Do you have the courage to make the tough choices to make this country strong again?

Will you be able to look yourself in the mirror when the ACA fails and the rights and privacy of the American people have eroded.

Do you have confidence in the IRS to be fair and not to create death panels or violate our privacy? The American people do not!

Kelly Sato



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