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I Saw This One Coming: On Kimo

I was pleased to see an opinion article by James “Kimo” Rosen in The Garden Island (“Breaking Bad and Writing Bad, It’s All Good,” Monday, Sept. 23). I was also not at all surprised to find a letter to the editor opposing his piece (“Column Missing Spirit of Aloha,” Wednesday, Sept. 25). It seems that his editorial piece accomplished just what he was writing about: It shook things up, broke up the monotony, and got people talking.

Though I may not agree with everything he says, I generally find that his pieces inspire me to think about things in a new way and to consider a perspective that is different from my own.

As for The Garden Island’s decision to print the piece: Let us just think back a few months to the piece they printed condoning the slaughtering of seals. Enough said.

I don’t think one man’s opinion is going to change peoples’ moral decision-making. For example, if I find $50,000 tomorrow and can’t find the owner, I will turn it into the KPD. I will also drive the speed limit, whether the people in a rush behind me like it or not.

In any case, Kimo, perhaps you should include a warning label with all of your pieces from now on, that they may cause offense and are meant to be read with a sense of humor (similar to McDonald’s warning that the coffee in the cup is hot).

Amithea Love, Kapaa

We need actions, not words

The governors’ recent statements regarding pesticide use on Kauai would support bill 2491, not replace it, Derek Kawakami stated so in his interview on KKCR. We need both.

The chemical companies five days before the vote saying they will voluntarily comply with partial disclosure makes me think of a bad marriage, where the wife tells the husband she’s had enough and is going to contact a lawyer and file for divorce.  

The husband then finally promises to do all the things she has asked for over many years. She either believes the husband and goes through another year of suffering before finally getting out, or she knows he is just saying what she wants to hear so he can keep his cushy situation.

I hope the Kauai County Council is not deterred by the chemical companies promises of “voluntary” partial disclosures, and “voluntary” buffer zones as stated by the governor. I pray that the County Council stays clear and strong in what is good and best for Kauai and it’s people by passing Bill 2491 and making these basic requirements law.  

These companies haven’t complied voluntarily for over 12 years, why would they suddenly do it now? They would promise to do it five days before a vote on the bill, to avoid the voluntary measure to be made into lawful involuntary requirements, wouldn’t they? Watch what they do, not what they say!  

Either way this goes down, the people of Kauai want to protect this island and prevent more harm to the aina and its people. Doctors in Waimea have reported a 10-times increase in birth defects above the national average and fully support this bill.

If the governor truly cares about Kauai, he should demand an independent study to be done immediately to find out if the pesticides are contributing to increased birth defects, cancers, and other ailments associated with pesticide use in Waimea? He should come to Kauai and meet with the council and the west side residents, not just meet with the chemical companies and their supporters behind closed doors.

This is about what is being done on Kauai, not what is being said. The people of Kauai are not letting this go until their requests for disclosure, buffer zones, an independant study, and moratorium on expansion are made into law. A deferral to the state is not acceptable, the County Council needs to take a stand to protect Kauai by passing Bill 2491.

Veronika Bajwa, Hanalei

Kimo sure to stir things up

I was surprised to see announced that James “Kimo” Rosen will now be a regular contributor to TGI. Surprised because to me most of his letters are poorly informed, short-sighted drivel and seldom even funny. But it’s good to stir the pot, and it should make for good copy. So I congratulate Mr. Rosen on his appointment and wish him success. But please, TGI, try to keep his stuff to a minimum. His letters are already plenty enough.

Dave Au, San Diego


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