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Government unlike private business  • Do something on 2491Letter writer wrong

Government unlike private business

In reply to Mr. Steve Martins’ letter suggesting that the United States economy be run like Walmart:

Please Mr. Martin, recognize that there is a huge difference between running a “for profit” company and running a government.

A “for profit” entity usually sells us something — and that is fine, they are entitled to a profit.

Our government, however, is supported by our taxes.

It is our tax money to start with … and we are supposed to get it back (minus administrative expenses such as Congress) in the form of roads, bridges, schools, firefighters and police/military for our protection, etc.

Business titans often overlook this simple fact.

For example, Mitt Romney suggested (privately) that to get the economy moving he would cut positions for police, teachers, and so forth.

His thinking clearly was along the lines of ‘how to make a profit’ — one cuts staff in a “for profit” company which is foundering.

However, from the standpoint of government administration, the need for firefighters, police, etc. should be obvious.

Teachers, too, are critical to a strong economy – we need to have an educated work force.

In addition, businessmen often think of ways in which our taxes should be returned to us as if they were company benefits.Our taxes pay for FEMA, for example, or food stamps and other needs when disaster strikes, or a disabled veteran or elderly person needs help.

These are not company benefits … taxes should come back to us.

Businesses do not work that way. That’s why they can make a profit.

Many on Kauai remember after Iniki, when jobs were difficult to find no matter how hard a person tried, and no matter how willing they were to work.

We needed help then, just as the victims of Hurricane Sandy or the wildfires across the West, or the floods in Colorado need help now.

We pay taxes to support ourselves and others through exactly that kind of hard times.

Businesses do not operate that way.

If they encounter disaster, they file bankruptcy … and the employees may be out of luck.

It’s an entirely different outlook and approach to financial management than that which a responsible government should have.

Business people trained to think in terms of constantly increasing profits for companies such as Walmart (and others) do not see things that way.

Business profits are a whole different way of thinking than what is needed for a properly functioning government – which is supposed to serve us.

We are not the government’s employees, it is the other way around.

Please, please do not confuse the way “for profit” companies are run with the way our tax money should reasonably be spent.

Mary Mulhall


Do something on 2491

Do your job and take your vote. This has dragged on long enough and you have gotten all the documents to take a vote. Stop talking about making amendments. Ross Kagawa said it all. We have heard enough. It is time to take a vote. All I hear is everyone is trying to punt.

Come on, take a stand. After the vote, whether for the bill or against the bill, you can work out the ramifications. This island has spoken. You were elected by the voters of Kauai. We have waited long enough on this bill.

Gilbert Nobrega Jr.


Letter writer wrong

Yet another untrue story about the alleged dangers of glyphosate appears in the newspaper letters section Sept. 20.

Two multi-decade reviews say it very well.

 • “Our review found no evidence of a consistent pattern of positive associations indicating a causal relationship between any disease and exposure to glyphosate.” — Epidemiologic studies of glyphosate and non-cancer health outcomes: A review. Regulatory Toxicology and Pharmacology 63 (2012)

• “Our review found no consistent pattern of positive associations indicating a causal relationship between total cancer (in adults or children) or any site-specific cancer and exposure to glyphosate.” — Epidemiologic studies of glyphosate and cancer: A review. Regulatory Toxicology and Pharmacology 63 (2112)

Many people, apparently some doctors as well, believe a great many myths about GM crops, food and related products. The science is very clear and does not support these myths.

Health Canada said it very well: “The overwhelming body of scientific evidence continues to support the safety of NK603, genetically modified food and feed products in general, and glyphosate containing herbicides.”


Robert Wager

Vancouver Island University

Nanaimo BC, Canada


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