Letters for Monday, Sept. 16, 2013

We’re no foolsMolasses spill outcry missingSilence not goldenGlyphosate gives cause for concernWithout vision, people perish

We’re no fools

Gary Hooser is all about protecting the people and working for all sides of the issue. Who is he kidding? He isn’t about helping anyone but his radical activists that resort to name calling and making derogatory comments online to anyone who supports biotech.

His supporters even admit openly that they want only small sustainable farms on the island. Shows their shallow thinking on the true nature of maintaining ag lands here in our state. These small farmers can’t support the infrastructure and a mix of big and small ag are needed.

Hooser and his cronies are not about working together as he claims. It’s obvious when you find his name associated with GMO Free Kauai groups on the social media. People are not fooled that easily.

Joni Kamiya


Molasses spill outcry missing

The molasses spill in our oceans off Oahu is as much of an ecological disaster as any oil spill that might have occurred. The dead and dying marine life. The dead and dying corals … with no end in sight? The smells of the dead sea creatures turning away locals and tourists … and, for how long before the local businesses will join in death with the sea creatures?

 If this had been an oil spill there would have been worldwide headlines and swift repercussions. Why has there been no uproar about Matson and their lack of responsibility? One person actually said if we make Matson pay we (meaning the people of Hawaii) are the ones who will be paying. Well, Geez Louise, who hasn’t paid for all of the oil spills? Who hasn’t seen the prices on fuel consistently rising?

 Hawaiians, haoles (and everyone in between), politicians and environmentalists need to stop shaking their heads and clucking and start screaming for action. No, I don’t know what action to take. I’m just a nice little haole lady in Kekaha who knows no one is acting, and I am asking why not?


Sandra Hart Makuaole


Silence not golden

This letter is in response to the article Sept. 10 “Compromise in doubt on 2491.”

The representatives from four of the local seed companies Cindy Goldstein from Pioneer, Mark Phillipson from Syngenta, Keith Horton from Dow and Steve Lupkes from BASF sat in silence when asked questions regarding compromise, disclosure, and amendments to Bill 2491. How can we work together when these companies refuse to enter into any dialogue?

The citizens want to know if these companies are safe for our communities and our island. Councilman Hooser had to take their silence as the way of communicating. Are you joking? This is a very serious situation and these representatives chose to sit there and not utter a word. Your silence made you look very guilty, in my opinion. If your products aren’t harmful, explain them to us. We the citizens of Kauai want to be educated.

We have heard and read many negative things regarding your companies’ products and the way they are used. Why wouldn’t you explain why we should not be concerned? This sends a loud signal to me to move forward with this bill as quickly as we can. Obviously something is not right. If we have any future meetings with our mute friends let’s give them an Erin Brockovich moment, with drinking water for them from the wells on their land and some GMO popcorn for snacks. Their reactions should speak volumes.

Linda Bothe


Glyphosate gives cause for concern

Last week, Dr. Don Huber and Robert Streit gave a talk at KCC and again at Waimea Middle School on the effects of glyphosate. I found the information they presented to be compelling and I will never use glyphosate again.

For those of you who were unable to attend, this is a YouTube link to the talk that Dr. Huber (who has been studying glyphosate for over 20 years) gave to the Calcium Products Soil Conference in 2012. It is the same talk.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PduUO2Ez2rU  

Many GMO crops are “Roundup Ready,” meaning the only thing they are engineered for is to tolerate applications of glyphosate. Glyphosate will be present in these GMO foods if you eat them.

The use of GMO/glyphosate has a 98 percent correlation to 35 different “gut” diseases. If it was only one or two diseases, we might be able to dismiss this fact since correlation does not mean causation. But, 35 different diseases cannot be dismissed.

John Zwiebel


Without vision, people perish

The Mana March turnout was truly inspirational. It gave me hope. Enough people listened to their hearts and expressed their concern over the poisoning of the aina by big corporations.  

 It isn’t enough to recognize the takeover of the island by profiteers or observe the destruction of ocean life along with making Kauai a military target by PRMF’s presence.

Aloha requires a vision that can attract philanthropists and those with a vision of the New Earth we are promised by spiritual sources. The New Earth is not based on the power, control or money of corporations or the military.

 Aloha is the energy of love, the energy of the heart. Love is far more powerful than fear. Let us use it.  What we focus on becomes our reality.

We have enough talent on this island along with a respect for nature to create a self-healing paradise, which partners with nature — not destroy it. Let us create a vision of health, of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being. We can create and attract  jobs that support this vision. The aina will be honored. People will be healed.

Petra Sundheim



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