Letters for Friday, September 6, 2013

• What are they hiding? • Herbicides kill more than weeds • Remember Agent Orange • Listen to conspiracy theorists • Plain English, please • Military action welcomed

What are they hiding?

It is common sense that we should take all precautions to save the health of our family, aina, and oceans. The only ones protesting this bill are the big seed corporations that print out signs for their workers.

I’m all for my good friends having jobs to support their families, but not at the risk of my family or community’s health.

Please keep in mind that the “scientists” are hired and paid by the big money seed corporations. I also wonder, if they are not hiding anything, why are they paying such big bucks to keep GMO labels off of their food products?

Does anyone remember the true movie w/Julie Roberts who busted a big corporation for lying about the poisons that they were using? The run-off got into the community’s drinking water making the whole community sick unto death? It reminds me of the same thing with GMO.

My question for J. Yukimura: If I own a restaurant and it was all mine, would I still have to follow health guidelines? Your statement shows that you are protecting the big money corporations rather than the people you are suppose to serve. You have lost my vote.

Beverly Kaleiohi, Eleele

Herbicides kill more than weeds

New research on the health hazards to humans from Roundup and other glyphosate-based herbicides is shining in harsh light on the regulatory process meant to protect us.

Fresh researchers have released a series of studies showing glyphosate-based herbicides are toxic to human reproductive cells. To protect our health the Environmental Protection Agency sets maximum legal residual levels for every pesticide and herbicide.

A new study in the respected journal Toxicology has shown that, at low levels that are currently legal on our food, Roundup could cause DNA damage, endocrine disruption and cell death.

The potential real-life risks from Roundup are infertility, low sperm count, and prostate or testicular cancer.

Today, we spray more than 100 million pounds of glyphosate (Roundup) on our yards and farms every year. Most of the food that contains corn or soy was sprayed with glyphosate herbicide and we are being exposed to higher and higher levels of residue. In response to relations from Monsanto, the EPA has approved up to 20-fold increases in the legal residue limits for food crops.

Enough! Organic natural gardening can feed us. Live happily and joyously in your garden.

Kawika Moke, Kekaha

Remember Agent Orange

To all of the people who are arguing the GMO argument I have one thing to say: Remember Agent Orange. Remember how the chemical companies and our government told us how harmless Agent Orange was. Just a defoliant. Will not hurt people or animals.

Then ask the question, “How many of the people who worked with Agent Orange on Kauai are still alive? And if they are in what stage of life are they?”  

Ask how many servicemen and women are filling our veterans hospitals and our cemeteries around our country right now.

 Even PCBs and DDT used to be considered perfectly safe. My Dad was just one of the hundreds of thousands of landscapers and farmers in this country who died from the cancers directly attributable to these chemicals.

All I ask of you is remember.

Sandra Hart Makuaole, Waimea

Listen to conspiracy theorists

This is to the denials about the danger of GMOs.

Chuck Lasker wrote a letter about all the North Shore conspiracy theorists and how it’s all a bunch of hysteria amongst a bunch of white liberals. Has this man done any research into the toxic effects of pesticides? Has he actually taken the time to listen to the multitudes of people on the west side that are dying from cancer and are against being sprayed on a continual basis?

Or are we going to just dismiss everything as “us versus them” and write off the scientific evidence and people’s rights as mere “hysteria.”

At one point Mr. Lasker, Monsanto said Agent Orange was safe. Syngenta’s owned by a company based in Switzerland and they can’t use atrazine in their own country because they have failed to prove its safety.

If you’re interested in facts and evidence, look at the studies the companies themselves have put out about their products. Are they hysterical North Shore liberals, too?

Sara Lee, Kapaa

Plain English, please

I received a rejection letter from the Tax Appeal Court for my Motion for Summary Judgment on July 22, 2013. The letter was filled with legal jargon. So I called the Tax Appeal Court to find out why the motion was rejected.

The woman who answered the phone said she could not explain why the motion was rejected because she was not allowed to give legal advice. I told her that I don’t want legal advice. I just want her to explain in plain English why the motion was rejected.

We went round and round with this for 10 minutes and then she passed me on to her supervisor, a man, who said the same thing for another 10 minutes.

They wasted 20 minutes of my time and their time when the answer would have taken less than 10 seconds.

These two employees of the Tax Appeal Court are prime examples of why the people of Hawaii have a very low opinion of state government workers.

It’s an attitude problem. And the employees of the Tax Appeal Court have a particularly bad attitude. They don’t think of the public as customers.

Somebody should tell them that members of the public are the ones who pay their high salaries. If it wasn’t for us, these state government employees would be standing at the end of the unemployment line with their hats in their hands.

My question to you is: You rejected my document. You explain to me in plain English why you rejected my document. In your convoluted world, how do you conclude that this is giving me legal advice?

Jerry J. Sokugawa, Kekaha  

Military action welcomed

As a retiree whose income comes in part from investments in companies who are part of the military industrial complex, I welcome any military action our government chooses to get involved in right or wrong, and the involvement in Syria is wrong.  

Keep up the good work, Obama.

Richard Perry, Hanalei


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