Letters for Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Let’s work toward consensusCouncil failed to do homeworkBill 2491 could unite KauaiRandom acts of kindnessGood point, Mr. Manawai

Let’s work toward consensus

For me, reading the reports on the GMO meeting and the serious division on Kauai became less about the familiar points that were being made and more about how unnecessary all this was. I say unnecessary because I finally realized that Gary Hooser put this Bill 2491 together without spending time with the westside scientists and farmers he’s legislating against.

By working with all the stakeholders, there may have come from that basic kind of leadership, something that the people of Kauai could eventually agree upon. Instead, we have to deal with a polarized, demonized mess.

I think everyone, including myself, was so busy arguing for their side that we were blind to what seems so obvious now. We need to scrap this bill of division, take time to put aside the emotions it caused, and work toward consensus legislation that respects the rights and concerns of all stakeholders.

Pete Antonson


Council failed to do homework

What is wrong with our elected council members. They should have done their homework before having testimony for Bill 2491 whether for or against it.

In 2009, my granddaughter was one of the students from Waimea Canyon School that fainted and had to go to the Waimea Hospital.  

Today, the company that did the spraying doesn’t grow anything in the field next to Waimea Canyon School. Before anyone else gets sick, take action whether you vote for or against.

You can’t please everyone on this island. Also, who knows later whether we all will be getting sick from all this spraying. Council members do your job, don’t defer this measure. Be accountable that’s why you are in office. Remember all the military that went to Vietnam that was effected from agent orange. Talk to the veterans that are now getting sick years and years later. These military members are filing for disability for the sickness they have now. Do what you think is right.

Gilbert Nobrega Jr.


Bill 2491 could unite Kauai

Bill 2491 is bringing a unique opportunity for the island to unite. Folks who have hardly ever been to the westside have visited a whole lot more to chat with the residents about the situation. We are talking with each other and united by the common desire to have a healthy community. Doctors, nurses, scientists, farmers, mothers, neighbors coming together in supporting Bill 2491 as they are concerned about the health issues arising in Kauai and they know our right to know is self evident.

Why are these companies trying so hard to hide the truth about what they are using and why would they oppose our children’s rights to go to school and have a buffer area protecting them?

This bill came to exist because of members of the community expressing concern about the situation, because of these companies lack of transparency and because people  want to be safe in the place they were born or chose as a home.

Joanna Wheeler


Random acts of kindness

Mahalo nui loa to the wonderful young man who, on his way up my road on Puuopae Sunday, bent down and scooped up a discarded plastic bag, which had blown on to and stuck on my outside fence line due to the strong trade winds.  

I was doing one of my favorites, relaxing on the front lanai with my doggies snoring, face buried in the Sunday Garden Island newspaper, when I heard someone coming up the street. Although I have a thick, mock orange hedge, there’s a gap at the bottom where I can see feet/legs walking past.

This nice young teenage man, wearing a backward baseball cap and carrying a skateboard, had a trash bag with him, and he was picking up all the rubbish he saw on the grass verge on his way up.

I called over and thanked him very much and he just said he appreciated it was noticed and carried on up the road picking up trash. He had absolutely no idea I had even seen him through the hedge until I called “thank you!”

What blessings we have and he brought me much joy; such a small but selfless, unsolicited act. I don’t know your name, but God bless you! (Maybe your parents know who this is? Does your son with a skateboard come home with a brown trash bag of other people’s ‘opala and a wide, infectious smile?) Your son is spreading joy. As Mother Teresa said, “Joy is a net of love by which you can catch souls.”

Carol Beardmore

Wailua Homesteads

Good point, Mr. Manawai

Thank you Jason Manawai for your letter pointing out the need for full ingredient disclosures for restaurant menus. I would go a step further and say eating at a restaurant is like playing Russian roulette.

We have the privilege to enact laws that will protect the citizens from greedy few. I own a restaurant and will not oppose your suggestion.

A child’s question, “Daddy, if the GMO people are so proud of their work why do they fight to keep it off food product labels?”

Let’s get this GMO law passed then we can work on making dining out safer. After that, for kicks, we can bring Hawaii into the 21st century with some fish and game regulation.

Wouldn’t it be nice to see abundant lobster, opihi and limi kohl again?

Tom Pickett



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