Letters for Sunday, August 18, 2013

Mahalo to proud grandmotherWe have the right to know about GMOsPesticides endanger our healthPass Bill 2491Health over moneyWhy oppose marriage equality?

Mahalo to proud grandmother

Mahalo Ms. Koizumi for sharing your story about the “Angel of Moloaa” (TGI Aug. 15).

We agree that “With so many drowning accidents every year, we need to get a message out to our many visitors who are not aware how strong currents are at our beaches.”

Our Kauai Lifeguard Association has been engaged in getting the word out:

• Our Junior Lifeguard program trains youngsters in ocean rescues, CPR and basic first aid.  

• Beach guides, indicating the location of each lifeguard tower and other lifesaving information, have been widely distributed.

• More than 230 rescue tubes, like the one used by your granddaughter, have been placed around our island.  

• KauaiBeachExplorer.com is a website providing current ocean conditions.

• W.A.V.E. (Water Awareness Visitor Education) presentations to the staffs of hotels and vacation rentals show all of our beaches and the dangers at some of them.

• Beach signs showing the location of rip currents have been placed at Waiohai and Kalapaki beaches.

• Outreach exhibitions of beach and boating safety have been presented at many community functions.

• Posters, flyers and activity books promoting ocean safety have been widely distributed.

• Video monitors have been installed at the Lihue Airport baggage claim areas showing a brief ocean safety message.

• Newspaper articles, television and radio provide ocean safety messages.

Yes, Ms Koizumi we are getting the message out as well as creating “force multipliers” who are at the beaches and in a position to be first responders.

KLA is a 501c(3) nonprofit organization funded by donations from folks who wish to make our beaches safer.

Jim Jung

Vice President, KLA


We have the right to know about GMOs

In regards to this pesticide bill presently being debated by our council: What is the price to poison paradise, anyway? And aren’t some of these crops in question for growing pig feed after all? Or is it something even more insidious that we don’t even know about? Don’t we at least deserve to know that? Not a whole lot to ask. Do your job, council.

Kim Brown

Laguna Beach, Calif.

Pesticides endanger our health

Aloha residents and visitors to Kauai. Our health is in danger from the continuous spraying of pesticides and unknown chemicals by biotech companies that claim they are agriculture, yet are producing no food.

Please support Bill 2491, Our right to know. My children have had numerous asthma attacks as a result of their exposure to these chemicals. Mahalo!

Monica Smith


Pass Bill 2491

Just know that I am for us knowing what’s happening. I am for freedom from corporate influencing our lives. I am for our children’s health. I am… Please pass Bill 2491 so that we can help make sense of this madness that has taken over control of our lives. How did we stray so far? Mahalo and blessings.

Zander Phelps


Health over money

To whom it may concern: I live in Waimea and have definitely been affected by the spraying in the fields in Waimea. I have breathing problems and have been woken up many times gasping for air and coughing. I can’t get the amount of sleep I need to function as I should.

When in the presence of field workers, I start having breathing problems — couldn’t understand why until I noticed it happening while in the Waimea Library and grocery stores and seeing these men in there when looking to see what could be causing the sudden breathing problems.

Then it all made sense: The GMO awareness made me realize that this has been going on for a very long time. I have lived in Waimea for over eight years. Please help pass Bill 2491. We need to preserve our lands and save our people from severe health problems. We have enough land to grow our own food without all these chemical killers. We were disease free and now we are jeopardizing our health by allowing the seed companies to destroy us — all for the sake of money. Everyone worldwide must concentrate on the right kind of green. Health is definitely more important that money. This bill must be passed. Let the seed company take their chemicals to their own home states and leave us alone.

Lois Catalal


Why oppose marriage equality?

I am glad to see that Hawaii legislators are considering marriage equality for gay people.

It amazes me that people make such a brouhaha over something that is a choice that people make that really doesn’t involve them.

They claim that this choice affects their lifestyle — probably somewhat less than their choice to drive a gas-guzzling SUV like a wrecking ball around the island affects mine, yet I have to put up with that.

What is particularly offensive is when people do this claiming that they are doing it in the name of the God of Love. To these people I say: You are indeed worshiping the God of Love, you are just doing it very poorly.

Henri Carnal



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