Letters for Friday, August 16, 2013

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Living organically is vital

My entire family is strongly against the use of pesticides, GMOs, and any other unhealthy products used on our island.

Being healthy physically and mentally is the most important thing in our lives and for our children. Living organically is vital if we want to be disease free. It is unnecessary to use pesticides and we MUST start being smart about what we do.

Lani McLychok


Student bus pass brings tears to eyes

Aloha. Wednesday was the third anniversary of my daughter, Shanarae Kaulananapuaikailkamaolino Donovan’s death. After visiting the graveyard and spending time with her there for several hours, the rest of the day was extremely difficult to get through. The next morning, I went online, and happened to notice an announcement put forth by the County Department of Transportation announcing the reduced bus pass for KCC students. My eyes filled with tears, but not in sadness, in happiness.

My daughter, Kaulana, had originally pushed for this idea when she was on the Mayor’s Youth Advisory Board. Several weeks before her death, she was excited to begin attending KCC, and looking forward to sitting on the student council.

After her death, I did my best to keep the memory of Kaulana alive to the students, especially student government, as the issue was debated, and testified when I could on the matter.

But it was the students who kept Kaualana’s dream alive. I also want to give an enormous mahalo to the one person who was always faithful to Kaulana’s vision, and that was John Constantino, who never let up pushing for the idea. I also want to thank the Provost, University of Hawaii Board of Regents, Mayor Bernard Carvalho, the County Council, and of course the Kauai Bus. But most of all, I want to thank Kaulana’s friends who loved her, students who pushed hard for this, and people who listened.

With much love and aloha, Kaulana’s mom.

Anne Punohu


Best Of should honor librarians

The Garden Island features many areas for Best Of Kauai.

I propose the category Best Librarians in Kauai to honor those dedicated librarians in our neighborhood libraries.

For example, I really appreciate the Kapaa Library. The staff is so helpful, friendly and courteous.

I would recommend Beth at Kapaa as Best Librarian because she represents all those qualities of a great librarian.

How about it? A great way to honor a great unsung service at Kauai libraries.

Ray Holmes


Follow in Europe’s footsteps

Please read article “Russia warns Obama: Global war over bee apocalypse coming very soon.”

Europe is way ahead of us and finally putting its foot down.

We are still a very young country compared to the rest of the world. It is unfortunate that we might have to experience painful retribution if we turn a blind eye to what these companies (such as Monsanto) are continuing to pull off right under our noses!

Dorianne Winkler


Disappointed with Yukimura

Wednesday night I was dismayed to hear Councilwoman JoAnn Yukimura’s words on community radio station KKCR as she discussed how private landowners had the right to do as they chose on their lands and questioned the council’s right to interfere.

I have a few questions, JoAnn. If I own a restaurant, do I have the right to refuse service based on someone’s ethnicity? Can I sell drugs? No, I can’t, because it’s against the law. If we enact laws, people will not have the right to break them on their private property.

JoAnn, it’s your job to protect our health and safety. It broke my heart to hear your manipulative rhetoric last night. I wanted you to know that. Enact the law, JoAnn.

Enforce it. Protect your citizens’ health and lives. I can’t believe you did this.

Jasmine Schaeffer


We want proof

Regarding the reactionary behavior of the chemical seed companies about Bill 2491, I can’t help but feel more concerned than ever about the practices and tactics of these powerful companies. They have threatened to sue the county; they have called supporters of this bill alarmists and emotional; they have ridiculed health claims as being false and without proof; they have threatened to cause 500 or more job losses; they have provided lip service, assurances and propaganda by way of expensive ads and campaigns — and it goes on.

This is very telling. The message is clear: We don’t have to answer to the public. We have not had to and we don’t intend to do it now.

What the public wants is not anything more than what they demand of the public: Evidence.

If they claim to be “safe” in using pesticides and “responsible” then let them prove it. Not with more ads and assurances or propaganda, not with threats and intimidation.

What are they spraying where and when? That would be a good start. Indeed if they had been willing to provide this I don’t believe this bill would have been written in the first place. They can thank their own behavior for it.

I don’t support any company that makes claims of being accountable and responsible while being uncooperative about providing the public with the evidence to prove it.

Through this bill the message back will also be clear: You do have to answer to the public and be held accountable now!

Danitza Galvan


Don’t fall for this scam

I’m writing this letter to alert readers of a scam. On Sunday a young girl knocked on my door asking for donations for her schooling on Oahu. I invited her in, gave her something to drink, gave her an umbrella because it was raining, and a check for the donation. Today I checked my bank account online and was startled to find the check had been altered to increase the amount. The check was made out to an organization called YES; I believe it stood for youth education services.

Karen Young



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