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A proud grandma reveals ‘angel’ of MoloaaSeeds of changeConcern for the beesTreatment facility should have female wingCouncil represents people, not biotech companies

A proud grandma reveals ‘angel’ of Moloaa

This is in reference to a letter written by Dr. Monty Downs (TGI Aug. 13) regarding an Irish gentleman being saved by an angel down at Moloaa.

My granddaughter Kiah Shigeta-Koizumi was that angel in disguise. She’ll probably be angry that I am writing this letter, but I really did not believe her story the day this happened.

Kiah and her mom noticed a gentleman getting knocked down by waves upon arriving at Moloaa. While laying on the sand after a dip in the ocean, they heard someone faintly yelling for help. Kiah looked around and saw someone waving their hands in the distance and realized it must be that gentleman they had seen earlier. There is no lifeguard at Moloaa so she ran to get the big yellow floating rescue tube and said it was no problem swimming to him because the current helped her. Kiah did not realize how difficult it would be to get back and that her life could also be in danger, but they fortunately managed to reach shore safely.

Kiah attended the summer session at Oregon State University so her return home was a surprise. Kiah already left for Oregon and the ironic thing about saving this gentleman, who is from Cork, Ireland, is, that she had studied abroad in Cork last fall. She recognized the Irish accent when asking where he was from and amidst everything happening, forgot to get his name. The gentleman thanked her but I think was in more of a shock as to what had just happened.

With so many drowning accidents every year, we need to get a message out to our many visitors who are not aware how strong currents are at our beaches. Please swim at beaches where there are lifeguards.

Thankful and grateful that nothing happened to both Kiah and the gentleman she saved.

Charlene Koizumi


Seeds of change

Will Kauai stand up for its right to know? Will truth and exposure be mandated? Does the city council know enough not to be persuaded by the big chemical companies that are contaminating our environment?

When will the real farms of Hawaii have a voice about harsh chemicals that spread islandwide? If we do not act now, when? We need Bill 2491 passed now — not when our children have grown up in this testing island.

Many chemicals are deemed safe only to be outlawed years later. Safer farming methods cost more in labor. Labor as in jobs for farm hands.

Lets put a start to end anything that doesn’t benefit our environment. We could let the big chemical companies continue their quest to out spray each other or request we know more about what, when and how, so we can at least avoid these areas and keep our young away.

Exposure is the real concern, what happens when we learn what they are so desperate to keep hidden?

Change. We are the seeds.

Thomas Trimble


Concern for the bees

These herbicides are killing the bees and many other pollinators. We have to do everything we can to try to restore them — this is not a maybe.

We cannot keep using these chemicals if this is the case. Pass Bill 2491. Thank you.

Robyc Besly


Treatment facility should have female wing

In response to the article “Protecting our children,” published Aug. 13 in TGI regarding an adolescent treatment facility: First off, I don’t hold much hope this will happen. Year after year, the “not in my neighborhood” members of our community will come out in force and scare off the politicians’ resolve.

But what is bizarre is the statement: “The relatively low number of female adolescents referred to drug treatment on Kauai prompted the study to recommend against adding a female wing to the center. The report said it was not feasible and instead recommended girls to use a multisystemic therapy that involves school and home.”

Did the people who did this study go to the prison and check out the number of women (who were once adolescents) who are incarcerated because of drugs? Do they think they all started abusing drugs after they turned 18? Wake up please, the boys are not partying alone, there are just as many girls out there that will do everything the boys will do.

But this is typical of a society that treats women as less than equal.

One of the main benefits of treatment is learning to have self esteem and self respect, a major factor in addiction, young women, as well as young men, need this kind of help equally as much.

 I hope and pray we end up providing the same help for “all” our children should this center actually happen. Speak up Kauai.

Thomas McCall


Council represents people, not biotech companies

I think that the people of Kauai have to make it clear that we will not be voting for the council members who delay the passage of Bill 2491 or vote against this bill. I will not vote for JoAnn Yukimura, Jay Fufaro, Ross Kagawa or Mel Rapozo. They must be reminded that they were elected to the County Council to represent the people, not Monsanto or Syngenta.

Barbara Morrison



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