Letters for Sunday, August 4, 2013

Accept it, AmericaDogs don’t belong in storesAbsurd tax increaseOde to Bill 2491

Accept it, America

Regarding Bill 2491 and its opponents, with a heavy heart I say, give it up already.

On March 21, Congress passed The Monsanto Protection Act that was slipped into a short-term budget resolution. This dangerous rider found in Section 735 of the bill would create a precedent-setting limitation on judicial review of genetically-engineered crops, allowing them to be planted without federal safeguards in place that protect our environment, family farmers and citizens.

It’s time to bow to our new masters and acknowledge that we are the servant class and guinea pigs to their experimentation. Accept it, America.

What’s more; Blackwater (Total Intelligence), the folks that did all those wonderful things in Iraq, are now acting as an intelligence service for Monsanto, infiltrating and disrupting those that oppose our new masters. It’s nothing new, but now on record.

Here is a quote from a national news story: “Cofer Black, known for his brutality as one of the directors of the CIA, was the one who made contact with Monsanto in 2008 as director of Total Intelligence, entering into the contract with the company to spy on and infiltrate organizations of animal rights activists, anti-GM and other dirty activities of the biotech giant.”

Folks, it is time to accept reality. We live in a nation where dissent is treason, ignorance is strength and telling the truth is a revolutionary act.

Folks like Mr. Rosen and other GMO supporters are model citizens. Those who oppose the new America should be put in gulags.

Dan O’Flaherty


Dogs don’t belong in stores

I am perturbed by the increase of people bringing their dogs into retail stores where food is sold and claiming they are “service dogs.”

There is no question that service dogs are needed and acceptable for those individuals who need assistance in getting around in a store.

My question is for the people who have small dogs they either carry or put in the baskets and claim they are “service dogs.” They are abusing the system.

I approached a woman in Costco who was standing by the food samples holding her small dog and said that I was pretty sure it is a health violation to have a dog around open food. She told me that her dog was an emotional support dog.

I couldn’t believe it. I feel that if that woman can’t go into Costco without her “emotional support” dog, she shouldn’t be shopping at all or at least have an emotional support “person” with her.

How is the dog going to help her if she has an episode. It seems that every time I go to either Costco or the market there is a person carrying a dog in the store. Sometime they even put a baby quilt in the shopping basket to put their dog in. How would you like to be the next person to put your baby into that cart?

Stores are not required to ask for documentation to prove the dogs are service animals and they are not allowed to ask what the disability is. They can only ask if the dog is a service animal. People are taking advantage of this.

Dogs are animals not humans. They carry fleas, they lick their genitalia, they rub their bottoms across the floor when they have an itch. They don’t need to accompany you everywhere you go because you think they like it. I really doubt the dog cared whether he went to Costco to shop or stayed at home sleeping.  

Jeannette Miller


Absurd tax increase

I have lived in Kauai for over 20 years and have never written a letter to the editor. Maybe I should have several times to thank for this or that, but today I’m saddened to say I am obsessed to write.

Many of you know me as I have nurtured your children, some of who I have already attended their high school graduation parties. I have had Merry-Go-Round Preschool LLC for 15 years and at that time I obtained a conditional use permit to run my “business” on my property not “in my house.”

My preschool is 600 square feet. Tuesday, I received my 2013/2014 property tax bill only to think that a three was typed in by mistake instead of a one.  

My property taxes have increased 171 percent since last year! I called to fix the “mistake” only to be told that our elected officials had voted to tax all home businesses with a commercial tax rate!   

I live rural, I work hard for my kids and I try to keep my tuitions low for my “working parents” who are my clientele.

I honestly do not mind paying my fair share for the 600 square foot I use for my preschool, but I am having a really hard time swallowing the fact that I have to pay commercial tax on my residence.  

If my business were in my house I understand, but my school is detached from home, so to me “home” has nothing to do with my “business.” My home is my home, my school is my business.

 To top this all off, I was never notified of this new 171 percent increase so here I am wondering how many other homeowners/business owners are also being crippled by this new unannounced tax increase or even know about it yet?


Gini Martin

Wailua Homesteads

Ode to Bill 2491

Red shirts, blue shirts, the epic battle was waged.  

Red shirts, blue shirts, forever each side right. The other wrong.  

Red shirts, blue shirts, realize this battle’s staged.

Red shirts, blue shirts, soon unite.  

Red shirts, blue shirts, the fight will not be long.

Red shirts, blue shirts, the world shall not be caged.

Angela Flynn



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