Letters for Friday, July 26, 2013

• Attend meeting, please • Insurance company fails to deliver • Island roosters have many uses • Strive to protect children from violence • GMO crops serve the world’s needy

Attend meeting, please

Plan to attend the informational meeting this Saturday at Kapaa Library to find out how Longs wants to cover over an historical coconut grove with 32,000 square feet of commercial space, including 90-plus parking stalls.

How could anyone think this will benefit our community or the tourists vacationing along Aleka Loop resorts, who now gladly walk to the nearby shopping areas for coffee and groceries?

These two parcels need to remain as open space for generations to come. Longs does deserve to build its’ own building but these parcels are prone to flooding, will cause traffic mayhem, and a planned drive-thru pharmacy could bring an increase in crime onto the neighboring resorts.

Additionally, the quiet Plantation Hale Suites located directly adjacent to the grove will suffer from an increase in noise, traffic, and other environmental hazards from drainage “ponds” placed along their property line.

 We all know that many young lives have been lost speeding along Kuhio Highway in the past and with this project situated along this route, many more lives may be impacted in the future.

Let’s ask the open space committee to purchase these parcels so all can enjoy the grove for years to come.

Let Longs find a suitable parcel already zoned commercial along the Kapaa business district corridor and leave the “exceptional trees” alone.

Deborah Nantais, Wailua

Insurance company fails to deliver

What happened to the medical coverage company’s promise to continue to pay once I retire?

Well, I retired July 1. July 9, I received a notice that I no longer have insurance after June 30, so now I don’t have medical until Cobra or any other plan becomes effective.

David Miyamoto, Lihue

Island roosters have many uses

Read with interest your article on the “Rooster Whisperer” Forrest Owen.

Mr. Owen, please come to Kilauea and start removing the loud mouth, never shut up, day and night crowing roosters. Please! We all could use a little more sleep.

What many people are not aware of, these roosters used to be fighting cocks, until a couple of hurricanes released them from their owners.

And to the uninformed, they are delicious and organic. I know as everyone I trap goes in the pot. Yum!

Billy Whelan, Kilauea

Strive to protect children from violence

The front page human interest piece on young Kytin Sukehira led me to reflect on my own experience in the past.

With a life-threatening illness at 12 years old, I spent several months in the Kahuku Hospital on Oahu’s North Shore, bedridden.

My grandparents would visit and, on one occasion, brought me a bantam chick in a shoe box. I immediately perked up. The hospital supervisor made a special exception and let me keep him — a little rooster. Mr. Mendoza the janitor built a cage and brought him food regularly. The chick stayed outside next to my window. The young kids on the ward, as would the other patients, came by to visit him. The healing effects of a living creature on everyone were visible. This experience has stayed with me all these years.

While the KPD granted Kytin’s wish, I must confess I was saddened to see him exposed to such adult drama. It’s clear how impressionable young minds are at this tender age.

How the times have changed since my childhood. The attraction toward violence and its attributes are systemic and seem to address the needs of many young people.

Perhaps I’m “old fashioned,” yet I’m eternally grateful to my kupuna for their choice of medicine. And I miss those more innocent times.

My prayers are for the well-being and the good health of young Kytin and his family. To Kytin, may your life be good.

Bettejo Dux, Kalaheo

GMO crops serve the world’s needy

As a retired scientist living here on our island, I would like to comment on the subject of GMOs.

Every bit of research that has been done on GMOs confirms there is nothing to fear for human health from GMOs. Both the U.S. and Europe have done exhaustive studies and all have shown the safety of GMOs.

Believe me, every one of the researchers carefully evaluated each bit of data before coming up with their conclusions. There was plenty of CYA in this. The impediments that are being thrown in the way of further perfecting these much higher yielding, and more nutritious crops may be catastrophic for the millions of new mouths that must be fed in the world.

Do those of you are so adamantly opposed to this salvation aware of the consequences? Do you care that your unfounded fears have no basis in fact! This island is desperately needed by researchers. Its isolation is so helpful and perfect in purifying these greatly enhanced crops! Think about it. Do you want this to be your legacy to the world’s needy?

Carlos White, Princeville


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