Letters for Sunday, July 21, 2013

GMO evidenceNo integrityDon’t pollute our aina

GMO evidence

Magicians/skeptics Penn and Teller have a tenet: “Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.”  

So far anti-GMO writers have offered only rumor, innuendo and faraway anecdotes. They have no proof of harm/misuse on Kauai; but, are sure Bill 2491 will get it for them. Shouldn’t this industry buster bill be the result of proof rather than the provider?

Termination without proof is the action of a lynch mob.

Despite one organic farmer’s wishful writing, there is no proof of Westside cancer clusters or their linkage to GMO farming and no proof of the WCS “collective hysteria” event being linked.  

Another writer cited Indian farmer suicides right out of the playbook of the Greenpeace anti-GMO campaign heavily financed by European organic farmers successfully increasing market share.

The International Food Policy Research Institute, an agriculture policy think tank based in Washington, D.C., disproved GMO as a cause in their study nine years ago. They could have just said: “Read some Kipling.” Asia is very different from Kauai.

Another organic farmer wrote that GMO was banned in the Philippines. I reside there. The opposite is true. Foremost in the RP is the growth of “Golden Rice,” with its genetically added vitamin A to this Asian staple that will prevent or reverse millions of cases of unnecessary blindness and save millions from disease and starvation caused by vitamin A deficiency. In the RP, this is heavily funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. If there is anyone on Kauai more altruistic or discerning than this foundation, please step forward and explain how.

The Third World, which has neither the land or labor for the luxury of organic, awaits the 15-year lag time for experimental yield increasing crops. That is what the lynch mob is messing with.

Pete Antonson


No integrity

Excuse me, KipuKai, the only ones excluded are caused by HCDC fracturing the communities of these islands without regard to anyone but those special few  people on your collective side of the fence.

Do not speak for me or the kanaka community. We far exceed your group in numbers and we are “advocating” that the group activities you support is the very entity that is ruining the concept of what Kanaka Maoli have in mind, not danner, trask, kuali’i, akaka, inouye, waihe’e, shatz or others. It is dangerous to be flipping back and forth.

HCDC is not to be trusted and absolutely is not in the best interest of our community Anahola, Kekaha or any DHHL association such as market place, AHHA, (what were you thinking?)

UTURNFORCHRIST California-based men in recovery who are shipped to Anahola are not kanaka, or have any business being lessee on their “Ranch.” The same offer to Green Energy failed rightfully and next we will see that KIUC plan is revoked. Kanaka Maoli have been blatantly  disregarded by you and your team. There is no integrity in your guest blog. Sore loser that finally we’ve gotten the ear of DHHL and that wolves in sheeps clothing will be not be tolerated.

Debra Kekaualua


Don’t pollute our aina

Please consider this letter to the editor a public message to James Rosen and anyone else who likes plastic bags.

We need to understand the perils of over-using plastic, especially as time progresses and our ability to comprehend the damage we’re doing to the environment around us increases.

Let me explain to everyone exactly why I loathe plastic bags, and people who use them.

I have horses and I keep them in an area downwind of a more suburban environment, which means I pull a lot of opala out of my pasture.

I clean up so much plastic from my pasture, I’m sick of it. I’ve had to yank it out of baby horse’s mouths. You ever seen pictures of animals with their intestines full of plastic?

Go look up Kure Atoll while you’re at it. Take care of this island, don’t pollute it. If you don’t like paper bags, get a cloth one. I’ve yet to meet the cashier who would tell me I couldn’t use my own. You guys act like you forget about ua mau ke ea o ka aina i ka pono.

Will Sexton



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