Letters for Wednesday, Feb. 20, 2013

Anti-GMO crazies think they’re above the lawPropane is too expensiveSex is holyBeach flyers should be handed out on the plane

Anti-GMO crazies think they’re above the law

I’m so over all this anti-GMO talk, protests, and now graffiti.

Why is it okay for all of you GMO haters to spray paint (yes, graffiti) all over our public roads and signs?

I don’t get it. Oh yeah, it’s because people like you think you’re above the law, you can do as you please.  

You are the same people that protested the Superferry and ruined it for all the people that really wanted it.

You are the same people that move here from the Mainland and build your home where you want it, but when your neighbor wants to build his/her home, you protest that because you feel the island is too crowded and we should put a stop to all new development.

Is defacing public property with your silly anti-GMO graffiti really necessary? It’s childish and down right illegal.

You all think you’re above the law? Well you’re not, this will come back to bite you one day.

As far as all your claims that the GMO companies are spraying poison everyday on us, and we’re all becoming sick from the GMO foods, obviously you haven’t lived here long. Back in the day when the sugar cane companies were in full swing they used to fly planes and helicopters daily to spray poison on hundreds of acres of cane to kill weeds. They also sprayed fertilizer. Then when it was time to harvest the cane they would burn all of it, including the poison and fertilizer.

Do you think any of that was better than GMO?

Obviously you haven’t seen the recent studies on organic food, it’s a big marketing hype, so they can charge more for the supposed organic goods.

If we didn’t have GMO, foods we would have so much more famine in our world, but then again I guess that would be fine with you, starving, dying children.

Why don’t you butt out of everyone else’s business and take care of your own?

Jordan Opelu


Propane is too expensive

There is a big problem in America: propane. I just got my bill and they are already letting me know that I will have an increase in my next bill.

I did research on this and there is not any regulation on prices — they can charge whatever they want. I found out there is no cap on how much profit they can make. We now pay $6.11 per gallon here and, of course, on the Mainland less, but that is not the issue.

When will the increases stop?

I have seen my bill more then double in a few years. Being robbed of money every month is very wrong.

I contacted our elected officials and we were working on it but they moved on and my concern was dropped. There have been politicians in the past that tried to make a change but did not succeed. I’m not sure why. This a big problem and I don’t understand why it can not be regulated. I understand profit but this out of control.

Let your senator know if this is a concern. If we don’t speak out we will keep paying more and more.

Donna Perlman


Sex is holy

The  Catholics, Orthodox Catholics, traditional Jews, Muslims, and Evangelical Christians all forbid any sex outside of marriage because they believe that sexual act is considered a sacrament or holy act.

When the married couple join in their DNA, with God providing an immortal soul. This happens days after the sex act and is an deliberate act and ‘choice’ of  God.

This act of God from the statement in Genesis: “be fruitful and  multiply.”

The prime directive for men and women seeking a sexual union.


Ed Smetana

Arlington Hts, Ill.

Beach flyers should be handed out on the plane

In response to “Despite community efforts, drownings still occur” (A1, Feb. 17), Monty Downs said, “the major issue is visitors not being informed.”

Then Sue Kanoho of the Kaua‘i Visitors Bureau agreed, but said, “there are a wide variety of resources out there.”

It seems the problem is that people are drowning before finding out about the resources.

I see the answer as the tourists must know and fully understand the dangers before they step off the plane or cruise ship. I’m sure that there are those who think that if you tell people there is a good chance you might drown while swimming in our ocean here, they will go elsewhere to spend their vacations.

On the other hand, if we were to create a flyer that is passed out to every person on the plane before landing, this would at least be the first step to inform them of the dangers of ocean swimming here.

The flyer should be the efforts of the Kauai Visitors Bureau, and Monty Downs and the Lifeguard Association.

I’m sure by all being involved, including the airlines and cruise ships, they can come up with a informative flyer that ensures their vacation here is the best ever and not become a catastrophe.

Steve Martin



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