Letters for Monday, June 4, 2012

Thanks, KPD  Respect for the ‘aina  Diana West on Wilders’ new book  What recovery?

Thanks, KPD

On June 2,  I was about to conduct a small wedding at Shipwreck beach. I checked at 3:45 p.m. with DNLR and there were no beach permits issued. At 5:45 when I went down the path, there was a group of about 40 people, with rocks and greenery on the sand and tiki torches. I was shocked to say the least. So I mentioned to a woman sitting near the shaded area why they didn’t have a beach permit.  She said they did have one; I said in a calm manner that when I looked at 3:45 there were none issued.

A few minutes later, the bride came over to me and told me in a very loud tone, how dare I accuse them of not having a permit, they got it two weeks ago, and if I would like to go to the parking lot she would show me. Instead she sent someone. She made a very rude statement under her breath that she would “put me in my place, stupid haole.” I saw no permit.

After my ceremony was over, a large local man came up to me yelling, swearing and threatening me. I called the police. My couple had to witness all of this hateful “haole, you don’t belong in Hawai‘i” ranting from this very angry man. The two officers came and were so caring and stayed with me to make sure no one was waiting in the parking lot.

I want to thank KPD for being there for me. Mahalo.

Rev. Christine Kube, Kalaheo

Respect for the ‘aina

Black Pot Beach Park on Kaua‘i’s North Shore is one of several beautiful beach parks that residents and visitors alike enjoy. Besides the incomparably beautiful Hanalei Bay and adjacent exotic, tropical Hanalei River, there is a large grassy area for games and sport as well as tables and pavilions for picnicking and barbecuing. Sunday afternoons and evenings at Black Pot are special, since ‘ohana enjoy relaxing together with Sunday dinners and beautiful evening sunsets. It doesn’t get much better than Black Pot Beach Park.

Unfortunately, a few individuals seem to lose sight of what special ‘aina they enjoy at Black Pot. At the end of several Sunday evenings, some groups have neglected to take their numerous empty bottles to the several conveniently located trash containers. Instead, they choose to just dump their empty bottles around any adjacent tree rather than spending the extra few minutes to take the bottles to the trash containers. Fortunately, several people from a nearby barbecue dinner took it upon themselves to pick up the bottles and take them to the trash.

If we all pick up our own trash, everyone will enjoy our beautiful Black Pot Beach Park all the more. After all, isn’t respect for the ‘aina one of the things that sets Hawai‘i apart from other beautiful places on Earth?

Peter Nilsen, Princeville

Diana West on Wilders’ new book

Again, I was surprised to see The Garden Island Forum present another column by Diana West, that covers the very scary history of Islam. (TGI, May 28). I contacted Ms. West, upon seeing her “Media Voice,” and questioned her own safety, let alone that of Mr. Wilders. She answered that she is not intimidated. She stated that there are many publications that are not willing to carry her columns. So, many mahalo nui to TGI for carrying Ms. West.

I was able to immediately download Wilders’ book to our Kindle Touch, and have read about 40 percent of the book.

This is a super scary book. The full title: “Marked for Death: Islam’s War Against the West and Me.” Dutch author Geert Wilders presents the whole vivid and very dark history of Islam and their ultimate goal to eradicate all Jews and infidels ASAP. Further, anyone who is not Muslim. If President Obama gets re-elected, watch out.

Diana and I are in contact via email. I hope to have her come to Kaua‘i soon, for presentations.

As an American citizen, and a Christian, as I said in my March letter to TGI, yes, I am still very concerned. I would add that those of us who are non-Islam/Muslim American citizens read M. Wilders’ book.

Aloha ka kou.

Alan Fayé, Hanalei

What recovery?

I was very concerned reading the county council’s 2013 budget statement which opined that since “the economy is stabilizing” we should expand spending. I would implore the council to widen the lens through which they view the economy.

Yes, arrivals may be up, but Robert Zoelleck , head of the World Bank states that the European economy is headed for an “impending catastrophe,”

Greece is fully in the throes of economic and social collapse, China’s economy is grinding to a halt, the former Japanese ambassador to Switzerland stated that the number 4 reactor at Fukushima threatens the existence of humanity and U.S. Sen. Ron Wyden has recently sounded the alarm about the precarious state of the reactor.

The French banking system is teetering on the brink of collapse. This includes BNP Paribas, the parent bank of FHB. The U.S. political and financial system has been exposed as a complete and utter criminal enterprise (see the MF Global failure, the Facebook pump and dump, in your face election fraud, bailouts, etc).

The winds of banker-funded wars are blowing through the Middle East. The U.S. economy is a catastrophe with 46 million on foodstamps, and the unemployment number a ridiculous farcical manipulation. The Baltic Dry Index has imploded. The food supply is unstable.

Confidence in the status quo has evaporated. Just like the housing crash, this is obvious to those who take the time to educate themselves. Please, we need courageous, honest leadership in these dangerous times.

Rick Goding, Kekaha


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